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Throughout 2017 Instagram changed A LOT. Instagram in 2018 is far more tricky if you want to stand out from the crowd and grow your following. Remember following is one thing, but keeping your engagement up is another battle influencers tackle.

A good rule of thumb is to aim to have your engagement around 5%, this will show brands that your following is active. We have noticed that some users head down the route of cheating this and buying fake instagram likes. We would suggest not to do this. There are some great tools out there using AI technology to help grow your Instagram Engagement (likes, views, followers & comments).

We have researched the providers out there helping users fight the algorithm update Instagram released, which made it harder for users to grow their fanbase.

Here are our findings on how to get Instagram followers, and engagement in 2018.

Use a trusted provider who is going to take care of your account. Below are reviews of the top providers on services to help grow your Instagram account with real Instagram followers.

Why is it important to grow your following?

Some people might wonder what is the point of having a large Instagram following. Well there are many reasons! You can monetize your followers in many ways! Firstly if you have a large, active engaging audience you will not have any problems getting brand deals. You could be niche focused and provide a service to your followers. For example, you may have noticed fitness influencers tend to often offer nutrition, and workout plans! This is a great way to potentially earn a living from your followers!

How to get Instagram followers

We know it's daunting, and if you’re just starting out, you might not have many followers. You may compare yourself to others who have hundreds of thousands or even millions of Instagram followers.

We would suggest being different, its very competitive now so being unique is really going to help you stand out. Content is KING. Focusing on your content rather than your follower count will mean followers will come naturally, we suggest planning your uploads with a tool like This tool allows you to schedule your uploads ahead of time. Planmypost can be very useful as consistently posting is important to engage potential followers.

Secondly, we advise to use a Instagram engagement program to help organically grow your Instagram followers & engagement, while you focus on your content and uploading attention grabbing pictures & videos.

Insights & How to:

Social Media Icons like Gary Vaynerchuk & Justin Beiber are doubling down on Instagram but posting more stories and not only images. Utilising all the features of Instagram are important. Keeping your posting for your highlights, and your stories can be more frequent, to keep your followers engaged if they feel like viewing your content further.

Selecting hashtags:

What hashtags you use on your photos is very important! We recommend using our own free hashtag tool we created, you can easily select and copy hashtags based on category by going here: Using the right hashtags will engage those interested in the nature of the post - Leading to more followers!

Below we are going to cover the important fundementals of running a successful Instagram Account, to help you get more Instagram Followers.

1). Instagram Content, that is right for your target audience

2). Content that will make your followers engage with your uploads

3). Communicate with your community

4). Having a good Instagram bio

5). How often you should post

6). Leveraging your Fan base to grow

7). Using relevant hashtags to grow your exposure

8). Collaborating with other Influencers

9). Using Real Instagram Growth Tools

10). The best Instagram Tools (Free & Paid)

Fundamental essentials to running a successful Instagram Account

Learn How to Get More Followers on Instagram

1). Instagram content, that is right for your target audience

Content is king, it’s important to follow a posting pattern, this is one of the most fundamental important things to get right before even getting into anything else. You need to base your strategy around your content, this will help you get more followers on Instagram, and have high engaging content.

Instagram has been evolving very fast during recent times, and heavily in 2017 & now in 2018. It’s important to keep up with what is working, and test your popular uploads.

Get Followers On Instagram: Instagram content that is right for your audience.

You really need to give it some in depth thought on your content, because this is the way your followers are going to remember you. This is crucial to growing a large following of Real Instagram Followers, it needs represent you, but a way people will talk about you too. Find the right style and approach for yourself.

There are many different posting styles that work well with a lot of niches. Image uploads are a safe to begin with, you can introduce video’s later as you get more confident with your posting. Also try include, inspirational, food photography, scenic & humours uploads

You have to remember this is Instagram! It’s not Facebook or Twitter This platform is unique for its posting style, so posts that are popular on Facebook, Twitter might now be popular on Instagram. Remember the experience Instagram offers.

Things to remember: What hashtags will represent your content best? How will people find you? If someone searches a particular hashtag, will that hashtag represent you? Make sure your hashtags are relevant, so the user experience coming to your page is a hit! The chance of them then following you will be higher.

If someone saw your upload, would they just scroll past it, or will they stop to look & read it? That is called engaging content, and this is important. Creating content that people will stop, read and want to drop a comment is crucial to helping your uploads get a wider exposure increase. This will help you attract more Instagram followers, and grow your account.

It’s important once you find yourself and your content strategy that fits you best, that you stick with it. Consistency is king, so keeping up your image and posting to the same style will help you be remembered. This is how you will get Instagram followers.

Hashtagsforlikes has been such a successful blog, and have over 1B hashtags on Instagram, this is because we have been consistent from day one, this has helped us attract real Instagram followers & our quality output is only high. We uphold a reputation of trust. We research to save you time.

A big problem people have on Instagram when they first start out. Is that they jump into it, not knowing what they should post, and are very inconsistent. To be really successful on Instagram you need to have a plan from day 1, this will give you a big head start. Don’t be a copycat, there are far to many, and you will struggle to maintain this.

A good way to get started is by using relevant hashtags on your uploads, we have created almost every category you can think of, you can view hashtag categories here: from most popular, to music hashtags. We use all the trending hashtags to make sure you are relevant. This will help you get Instagram Followers, Instagram Likes & Views.

Split testing your content, one week on one week off, you can measure your performance to see what is working best, this will help you find yourself in the early stages of growing your Instagram, and its best to do this before you have a larger following.

Other helpful tools to grow your Instagram



We hoped this has helped you kick start & boost your Instagram followers on how to get instagram followers in 2018! This is the year of technology, a lot of things will change, and it will become harder to grow your Instagram followers, so using all the available tools, techniques on the market now to kick started & boost your growth will help you get ahead to Instagram fame.

2). Content that will make your followers engage with your uploads

Get More Followers On Instagram. Crafting content that your audience will engage with your uploads.

Instagram Engagements

When you have finally figured out what content is right for you. It’s time to get creative and time to really focus on uploading that awesome content! Content that is going to capture and connect your audience. We know, seems simply right? But many miss this important basic. You need to understand your followers or customers and upload what they enjoy, something that relates with them, rinse and repeat with relevant uploads. Remember this will keep them coming back, and help your audience engage with you long term.

This is why it’s so important that you begin to grow a strong relationship with your followers so you learn exactly what uploads keeps them engaged. Many people, go through the route of hyping themselves up thinking content is going to be hot, but it flops, you need to understand your Instagram followers. If you’re struggling to figure out what might work, you can look at competitors within the similar Instagram niche or audience as yours, see what is working for them to get yourself some ideas. A good way to understand your customers better is by checking what kind of imagery is used by competitors or what is popular within your industry.

If you're running a business account, keep it that way, including personal photo’s don’t fit in. People often forget about this and start posting personal pictures, and it falls out the theme..

Don't overshare the same content, people are aware of this, people begin to recycle their content when they get lazy, your audience isn’t dumb, don’t treat them like this, this will cause lower engagements.

Engagement is very important on Instagram. For better results we noticed that images, that trigger an emotional impact or start question entices people to engage, this works well. For example, images that got 10-20% engagement, are often seen on the explore page. Anything under 2% is bad.

Humans like humans

Including people in your photo’s (faces). Uploads with faces are known to boost engagement. We naturally, connect with humans better. People relate, so try relate with your followers, it’s important to mix up your uploads, posting up with celebrities can always help, it’s great to use others to collaborate, somewhat why the term ‘Instagram shoutout’ become popular. It was a technique used by popular profiles, that eventually others caught onto, a great way to share and grow together with each other.

CTA (Call To Action) Learn what they are and how they work.

Everytime you post, it should have a call to action (CTA) A CTA is instructing your followers to do something, for example, like this post for a chance to win that is a CTA, Why are CTA’s important? That can help you boost your Instagram followers, and engagement.

Call to actions can be very small, some might not even realize them, can be funny ways to help encourage your followers to like your pictures of comment on your photo’s! For example, asking questions on your posts, like; would you do this, if you were here?

A CTA is an action to remind people on what they can do, adding a CPA to your uploads is creating engagement, and ensuring your audience, followers will take action.

Think of a CTA as a way to remind people that there is an action they could take. By adding a CTA to your image, all you’re doing is reminding your followers that they engage and don’t just pass through your content.

“Question your caption creates interest and encourages people to read”HuffingtonPost

Remember one of the most important thing is engagement, so you want to achieve this with your followers, get them interested and connect with them on a personal level with your account or brand. Focus on encouragement and be less pushy with your followers.

Below are a few example of CTA’s that work well, double tap, if you love this, tag a friend to win. Creating something for your followers to do, helps and can spread virally.

This is the end of part 2, engaging your followers. We hope you have learnt the importance of getting your followers to engage with your content. Using engagement tools like: Social10x can be very beneficial to helping you boost your engagement and a viral level & hit the explore page on every upload!

Engagement creates Social Proof This is super important to brands, it offers a lot of value if you have an audience that are interest in your following.

3). Get More Free Followers on Instagram: Communicate with your community

Often people make the mistake when wanting to grow their Instagram. They focus on followers as just numbers.

There are more metrics when it comes to Instagram than just followers. You can easily get lost and caught up becoming very obsessed in growing your follower count. You forget the people following you are real people, living real lives. If you’re a business or personal account, it’s the same thing when it comes to your followers.

Your audience, is gold. Respect them and they will respect you. People following you are real people, living real lives. If you’re a business or personal

I can’t express is enough that its important and its become more obvious with the experience from the years of using the platform. If you’re not listening to your followers or paying attention to your audience then you aren’t building any value with them in any sort of way. You're simply stroking your ego.

So you might ask, how do know if you’re connecting with your followers (audience)? While the amount of your followers matter, it’s not the only metric you should be looking at. When we grew our Instagram to over 2million followers we quickly realized that engagement was the second most important thing, and is crucial to your success on Instagram. Many people get lost and get obsessed with their follower count, ignoring everything else in the process, if you had a sales funnel, how many of them are actually going to engage?! Inactive followers, and if you ignore them, they will slowly stop engaging, its dead weight!

According to forbes article 75% of your results come from 25% of your followers. For example 75% of your revenue would come from 25% of your customers. This should show the importance of quality, and it’s completely relevant to your follower count. That is why building a base and keeping your followers engaged, and communicating with them will help you bring up that quality percent.

You don’t want a large follower count that doesn’t engage. It doesn’t give you bragging rights. You could for all we know have simply purchased fake free followers; if you want a large following, focus on communicating with them and attracting true followers.

What is a true follower? A true follower is someone who is constantly liking and commenting on your content. This is a loyal follower, these are your gold. If you asked them to buy your merch, they would. You need to value these followers.

If you want to eventually become an influencer and influence others to follow you that is when a large following can help. But before you focus on pushing those big numbers, create a strong base, of true followers, that actually engage with your content.

We treat our community like gold, because we value them.

For example, we try reply to every comment where possible. You need to do this to make people feel important.

You want your followers to leave more genuine comments rather than generic responses like, nice pic, good job! You want a strong variety. This shows others that you have real people behind the followers following you. This will really make you stand out from the crowd.

Spark up communication with your followers that will continue their engagement. This will show there is personality behind the account, and you’re just not another influencer like chasing.

Kim Kardashian does it well with her Instagram, she shows and encourages emotion with her uploads, this causes her followers and others to react. It’s a great effect and often sparks up viral outrage.

Its crazy how many influencers and even brands forget the "social" aspect of how Social Media Networks work! It’s not a one way communication model.

Look after those followers who take the time to engage with your content. It doesn’t need to be a big reward, something small to say hey! I value you. This will turn your fans into true fans. Even reaching out to them sending them a message will make them feel a part of something and not just a number to you, if they feel they are part of your community they will make you stronger.

As we discussed before you will notice uploads with call to actions, asking their followers to commend, tend to gain more shares and tags. By sparking up conversions with this method, you show your audience that you are not a faceless co-op. But a real person behind the account or brand.

It might not yield insane results, as we often find real gems within our comments for topics to people to interview.

As part 3 comes to an end, it’s important to not forget this tactic when running a successful Instagram, creating & communicating with your followers will create a community, communities can become very big and strong and have a larger influence attracting a very dominating, active Instagram following. Look after your followers, and talk to them!

4). Get More Followers On Instagram Step 4: Post Regularly

Posting on Instagram as often as possible, once every four to 6 hours is certainly going to be a good habit to get into, remember this does not mean post very similar content, your content is king and needs to be unique. If you have similar content, spread it out with variants in-between.

Consistency is important, if your audience rely on you uploading often, you’re not going to engage many people, they’re following you for a reason, they want to see your content, don’t get lazy with it either. This is something most people simply cannot do, and this separates you from every other Instagrammer.

Instagram Followers

I understand be glued to your Instagram every 5-6 hours is pretty impossible, certainly if you have a job or studying, that’s why you can use a tool like Planmypost To schedule your Instagram’s uploads. Planmypost allows you to automatically post you’re uploads for a desired time, this means you can plan your content for the entire week and schedule it on the weekend, you’re then set for the whole week to plan the next week when you have free time. Planmypost also has analytics to tell you what you’re doing right, and what you’re doing wrong.

You can read my previous article, it explains the best time to post on Instagram Using a tool like planmypost and knowing the best time’s to post on Instagram can really help maximize your exposure and reach on Instagram.

Also finding out quite days on Instagram (slow posting days) can be a great opportunity for you to post, as others aren’t this can help you be seen.

Video’s also react different to Image uploads, Huffingtonpost explain the best time to post a picture. This shows there are a lot of things to factor in when making your uploads and planning your week.

5). How to get Instagram Followers Step 5: How to use your Instagram Bio

When someone hits your Instagram profile, the first thing they see right up the top is your bio! This is a crucial part of how people first read you. Carefully writing this to have a call to action can be beneficial. You’re allowed up to 150 characters in your bio, short and sweet works best.

Having a strong CTA should be easy to read for the traffic coming to your Instagram. Showing something they will love, will keep them having a close attention to your Instagram bio.

Offer as much value as possible when it comes to your Instagram BIO, you only get 1 link, so make sure you aren’t wasting that link, fill that with the best click-through.

Instagram Bio

When someone comes to your Instagram, you only have a few seconds to capture that traffic to influence them to follow you. Having a good bio can capture that for you, make them to want to follow you, it might even help them scroll down to checkout your content!

We tested tweaking our Instagram bio, and changing words, and even adding emoji’s helped us acquire bigger growth when we added emoji's, these lighten the mood and make things a little more fun, which sometimes can work for the right audience, you have to understand your target market to create emotion with your followers and capture that.

Remember you can include keywords in your bio, so when people search things in the search bar, your profile has the possibility to show up. We again tested this out, and had our forbes article listed and used the keyword ‘forbes’ we we’re showing down the list, this can help you increase your exposure.

We believe your Instagram bio is one of your most valuable assets, even your loyal Instagram followers, when they visit your profile will see it every time! This means you can even switch this up, it’s basically free advertising space utilize this or even monetize this with your fan base.

6). How to get Instagram Followers Step 6: How to use hashtags to increase your followers.

Instagram Bio

Hashtags, those things you see often on social media with a # in front of a word! Some think of them as those annoying things teenagers use. You’re not wrong, but you are at the same time. They are helpful, and a way for users to tell what something is about. For example this article is about #instagram using hashtags helps you increase your exposure and for others to find your content.

It’s important that you use the right hashtags for your niche, you then want to curate them and get the most popular hashtags, build a list of keywords relevant and hashtags, if you want to find the most popular trending hashtags we have curated a list here for you: HashTagsForLikes

Tips for finding your own hashtags

- Take a look at the top trending hashtags, these often change, use HashTagsForLikes or download the app, to find hashtags relevant to your Instagram.

- Have a look at what hashtags the top influencers in your niche are using, they could be using hashtags that work really work to get great results. Leverage that and test it out.

“You should be using hashtags, how Instagram hashtags work, and how you can find the best Instagram hashtags for likes for your own content” - Oberlo

Remember on Instagram you can only use up to 30 Instagram Hashtags per post, you should try include a mix popular hashtags and lower niche hashtags, this should give you a nice diverse return. Hashtags are fundamental to giving you the most amount of exposure, and really help your posts be seen by more.

- Leveraging the day of the week can be helpful, finding out unique hashtags of the day like #transformationtuesday, #throwbackthursday, #friyay you can connect with others who are also using these hashtags and connect with them.

- Using multiple hashtags, multiple sets will allow you to diversify your exposure and reach and connect with more people. Rotate them around, so your hashtags aren’t always the same.

Once you compile your hashtags, add them to a comment below your post.

Don't put your hashtags into the description of the photo itself. Putting them in the comment section instead will hide your list of keywords after others have added comments. You also won’t unnecessarily bulk up your photo description, allowing you to you keep your description section free for a compelling blurb about the photo.

Keep in mind, instagram only allows 30 hashtags per upload, so make sure all the hashtags you’re using are silly ones that don’t help you in any sort of way.

Using hashtags is not limited to the ones already popular, you can create your own hashtag and begin to build its popularity, it could be a hashtag to represent your brand or image. Building a hashtag can offer a lot of value, it could help create a community-like following & build credibility.

Using your own hashtag will help build loyal followers and a community to your image or brand. That can help engage with Instagram followers, and makes people using your hashtags, that they are part of a community. Many of the brands are now taking to creating their own hashtag and promoting it.

Influencers use hashtags to promote their brand, and create an army of followers, you will often see influencers using hashtags like #fitfam they want you to feel like you’re a part of something, it creates loyalty.

With recent Instagram updates you can even use hashtags in your Instagram bio, that can help promote your own unique hashtag and promote it, having a hashtag in your Instagram bio can also help with search engine results, people will be able to discover you by searching a hashtag, and if you’re well known for that hashtag people will remember you for it.

Conclusion on how to get Instagram followers:

1). Focus on your content

Focus on creating unique content & free value to your following, keep it consistent, and engaging.

2). Utilize help tools and automation growth services to boost your Instagram exposure!

Use automation tools to help your content be seen by more, it will really help grow your instagram followers on autopilot while you focus on creating good quality uploads.

3). Use hashtags on your uploads & targeting

Research hashtags, and make them relevant to your uploads. has created categories to help you choose hashtags

Monetize your following with value when you have successfully built a large following.

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