Why should I sign up for premium when the free service has Hashtags already?

Our premium service gives you access to the top trending Hashtags that would usually be locked to free users. These top hashtags will have the most reach and give you access to an audience you wouldn’t usually have the access too. These will help boost engagement.

What exactly will you help me with that I can’t do myself?

Our amazing team of analytics gather and update the most trending Hashtags on Instagram and Twitter for each category to ensure you have the best chance to reach the widest audience possible.

Am I locked in forever, when I subscribe for premium?

You are able to email our world class customer support team at the contact us link at the bottom of any page and they will ensure to cancel your payment plan. You can also cancel in your own dashboard. You will still be provided the service for as long as you have paid.

How are we able to contact you for help?

If you just visit the contact us link at the bottom of the page one of our world class customer support team will be in touch. We aim to get back to all inquiries within 12 hours but have a maximum wait time of one day.

What makes Hashtagsforlikes different to other services?

We ensure to update our categories as we see changes. This means that you don’t waste your time on other websites where they haven’t changed for days and even weeks. We ensure you have the most up to date information.

Do you have an affiliate program so I can spread this great service?

We sure do! You can apply to be an affiliate at the link at the bottom of the webpage. We would love you to bring more members to our website so they can benefit from our great service.

How come I can’t always post when I copy and paste a lot of Hashtags?

Instagram only allows 30 Hashtags so ensure you aren’t posting more than that. This will stop you from posting which is something we don’t want.

I am having trouble copying and pasting, what is going on?

Please ensure you are logged into your account. This can be a free account or a premium account. Then you just need to head to your Dashboard in the top right hand corner of the screen and choose a category from there. You shouldn’t have any problem after that.

Could it be my browser that is the problem?

Our website works with any browser. But we find it is most compatible with Google Chrome. If you are having any issues try swapping to a Google Chrome browser.