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Centering your Instagram bio really makes your profile stand out, it also looks really cool. It’s super effective, and easy to do

Follow the instructions below to center your Instagram bio:

1 - Copy below the spaces between the bars | and the arrows below. Please don’t copy the bars. Their are special spaces that you can only get from below:


2 - Now edit your bio and paste the spaces before anything you want centered. Edit/Delete more spaces depending on how many you require to center it.

There you go, it's very simple to center your bio, tag us at #htfls to show us your cool bio!

Now if you want to edit your bio, because you want to change something:

Get on the computer (Desktop) and go to the Instagram website, login. In the bio section click edit your bio. The spaces you coped above will look like dots, however it will display as spaces on your phone (the app)

Creating the perfect Instagram bio

This is one of the coolest bio tricks on Instagram to really stand out from others on Instagram, it will catch others eye when they visit your profile.

When you shouldn’t center your bio

Centering your bio isn’t for everyone, sometimes left aligned bio’s look better. Here are some reasons why centering your bio isn’t that great:

1. Reduces amount of characters. Instagram only allows 160 character limit, and spaces take up characters. So you can have less text.

2. Don’t look as good on desktop. Your bio won’t look centered on desktop, so it might look very strange with the spaces you have used to center it on Instagram.

Hope this guide to help you center your bio was helpful, with the pros and cons. If you haven’t already you should checkout our main free service for the best hashtags on Instagram here

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