Why buying YouTube views or subscribers can help boost your channel.

Technology is growing fast, and social media platforms and evolving in 2018. YouTube is one of the most powerful platforms to be on in terms of Social Media in this day in age. Video is far more engaging than pictures, and humans can relate better with this kind of Social Media, because video connects more with emotion.

Throughout this article I’m going to cover some key points to your success on YouTube.

1). The Importance of YouTube, why you should be on it.

2). Why views, subscribers & engagements matter.

3). How you can attract new followers.

4). Engagement on YouTube.

5). Where and why buying views/subscribers can help.

6). Trusted suppliers.

1). The Importance of YouTube

YouTube Growth Subscribers

Technology is forever moving fast, and in a changing state. Every single day! Google for example makes 600 algorithmic changes, daily. This is how the search results work. YouTube connects with people on another level, more so than simply text or picture content. It has more meaning and emotion, this is also why in recent years Snapchat blew up.

This is why over time YouTube because just like Snapchat is also video based, rather than other platforms like Facebook, Instagram is more Image focused, these are also adapting because well Video is taking over. That is why creating a subscriber following is important and can help you build your own brand, putting out content is free, so what is really stopping you? If you are an influencer it is crucial that you are on YouTube because as video becomes more popular so will you, with that reason alone it’s why you need to be on this platform to help grow your success.

2). Why Views Matter

Buying YouTube views is crucial to your success on Youtube, without views your videos are being seen. It also helps YouTube determine the popularity of your content, YouTube wants to show popular content to more people. It’s also proven that large numbers, like subscriber count and view count can influence others to join in, it’s the way the human mind thinks, popularity goes a long way when influencing others to make choices, for example; “oh he’s got 2 million subs, must be good content, I’ll subscribe too!”

So starting out must be hard, and that’s why getting an initial boost sometimes is exactly what you need to kick start your YouTube popularity. I will explain later how you can achieve that kick-start.

3). Attract New Followers

Attracting newer followers is important, but it’s also important to value your current followers, really encouraging them to stay engaged and entertained in your videos is your goal. Getting your current followers to comment down below & thumbs up your videos helps YouTubes algorithm mark your video as popular.

4). Engagement on YouTube

As previously said engagement helps your videos be seen as popular by YouTube, so encouraging your subscribers to engage, as many YouTubers do already (You may have noticed), is a great way to boost the popularity of your videos, Logan Paul is good at doing this and he uses his apparel company Maverick creates hype and influencers his subscribers to purchase his apparel.

5). Where can you buy views from?

We recommend buying YouTube Subscribers & Views from trusted suppliers, with high quality results. We know it’s hard to notice or realize what is a good supplier, that’s okay we’ve done some research on some YouTube suppliers that actually work. There are a lot of bad services out there, avoiding or picking them out is hard, so with the list below you won’t go wrong.

6). Below are the top 5 Trusted Suppliers

Grow, Boost and grow your YouTube with these trusted suppliers. Verified and trusted by TubeReview

1). Social10x – High Quality YouTube Subscribers & Views

Social10x YouTube Subscribers

Social10x has a great reputation for supplying youtubers with high quality subs & views. Watch your YouTube grow while you sit back and relax, Social10x will show your videos and YouTube channel to the right audience, helping you quickly boost your profile with subscribers and views.

2). QQTube – Watch your YouTube Views Grow

QQTube YouTube Service

A number of factors come into play for ranking on YouTube, and one of those is the number of views. QQTube offer high quality YouTube Views and have been delivering our own for years now. Trust your ranking with an established provider, watch your videos go Viral.

3). Devumi – Buy YouTube views now

Devumi YouTube Likes

The views on your youtube videos are fundamental to your growth. Let Devumi show your videos to more people, fast, reliable and trusted provider of YouTube Views. Devumi is a good choice if you are on a budget, they even offer a trial for free youtube views.

4). Buildmyviews – Worldwide YouTube Subscribers Fast

Build My Views - YouTube Service

Buildmyviews allow you to buy YouTube subscribers and views worldwide, easily and fast. Gain respect with authority on your videos and channel with the growth buildmyviews can grow for you. Let their case manager do the hard work while you see your channel explode.

5). Subpals – YouTube subscribers, Most Popular

Subpals YouTube Views

Grow credibility on your YouTube account with Subpals, let them boost your exposure on YouTube, which encourages others to subscriber and watch your videos. Subpals promise to over deliver on their orders.

After researching social media and how to automate and grow different types of social media outlets, I quickly understood there are ways to simplify our lives, and get ahead with tools available to us. I believe it’s important to take advantage of these services to help us grow faster, the ROI on these services far outweigh the cost of the service, and most of them are very cheap. Social10x seemed to be the most reliable In terms of quality, support it was a seamless and easy experience when buying them from. I recently wrote an article on how to grow your Instagram, I went in-depth on the different types of basic techniques you need to understand when growing a social media profile, this article is Instagram focused, however many of the basic principles apply to all social platforms I recommend giving it a read, you can find it here: How To Get Instagram Followers


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