Did you know that roughly 60% of internet users prefer watching online video vs television?

And that 80% of people between 18 and 49 are watching YouTube in any given month?

With stats like these, it’s no surprise that YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the web (after Google, it’s partner in crime).

It gets about 3 billion searches per month – how many of these users are finding your videos?

If you’re struggling with getting views for your YouTube channel, then you’re not alone.

In this article, we’ll reveal some of the best ways you can boost your YouTube views without paying for a single ad.

Let’s get started!

1. Optimize with Keyword Rich Descriptions and Titles

YouTube is a search engine, just like Google.

And just like in Google, you need content that’s properly optimized to rank highly in the search results.

Some YouTubers overlook this fact and instead create titles that are eye-catching.

And while this works for channels that are already popular, it won’t do much for the newbies.

But whether your channel is old or new, getting more views is always great.

To do this, you’ll need to optimize your titles and descriptions with the right keywords.

These keywords should be relevant and descriptive.

This will help YouTube bots place your videos in the correct search results.

One way to find keywords is to go to Keyword Planner (or a similar tool).

Type in keywords to see which keywords are doing well in your niche and select those.

Just be sure there isn’t too much competition or it’ll hurt your chances of ranking highly.

Also, don’t forget to include keywords in your tags and thumbnail.

2. Shoot Content in High-Definition

Once upon a time, 1080p was the standard for online video.

But times have changed and technologies have evolved.

Today, online users are expecting the highest quality video content from publishers.

This includes 2k and 4k capabilities.

If you don’t already have a 4k camera, then it’s a good time to invest in one.

Having crisp video content will make your channel more attractive to newcomers and your subscribers.

On the other hand, if you’re making talking head videos without much visuals, then ensure the lighting is on point and the audio is clear.

Keep in mind that the delivery is just as important as the message.

3. Promote Your Videos On Other Platforms

Don’t limit yourself to just YouTube – you can use multiple platforms to help gain exposure for your channel.

If you’re on Facebook, Twitter, or even LinkedIn – use these mediums as a way to promote your new content.

You can share it on these platforms and potentially get others to do the same – further increasing your reach.

Who knows, maybe an influencer in your niche will find it and decide to repost it.

That exposure can significantly boost your following on that platform, as well as YouTube.

4. Use Annotations to Boost Views and Subscribers

Getting new people to find and watch your videos is key to growing your list of subscribers.

This is why we recommend using annotations in your videos to help guide your viewers to take action.

For example, you can include links to other related videos at the end.

Or you can ask viewers to like the video and subscribe.

By viewers liking your videos, it helps to boost the relevancy of it, which can help it rank higher in the search results.

Then by asking viewers to subscribe, you’re potentially earning yourself more followers.

It’s important to harness the power of your subscribers to help drive new traffic to your videos.

But don’t focus solely on acquiring new subscribers.

Your current subscriber base needs to be retained.

You can use annotations to remind them to click the bell button and check the box stating they want to get notified of your new videos.

If they’re not activating this, then they’re missing out on seeing your content as soon as it’s published.

This can further hurt your video views, especially if they never go to your channel to check for new content.

5. Aim to Edutain Your Viewers

If you have valuable information to share with your audience – that’s great.

But so do many other YouTubers in your niche.

How will you stand out from them?

One way to do so is to seek to both educate and entertain (edutain) your viewers.

There are a number of ways you can do this.

For instance, you can make your content comedic, interactive, or engaging.

You don’t want to come off as a dry news reporter or college professor.

Be animated, use skits, GIFs, and other methods and content types to make your content more diverse.

Just be sure it’s relevant to the topic and resonates with your core audience.

6. Piggyback on Viral Trends

If you’re a full-time YouTuber, it’s easier to spot trends as soon as they happen.

And when you do, you can easily capitalize on them.

By riding viral trend waves, you can potentially grow your views tenfold.

If you’re one of the first to break the news, then your video will show up at the top of the feed.

Just be sure to title your videos accordingly so it’s easy for your audience to find.

Also, only stick to trends that are within your own niche.

7. Collaborate with Other YouTubers

Building relationships on YouTube is a great way to tap into their resource of subscribers.

If they have a solid following, then you can count on some of their followers coming over to your channel to check out the content.

The other YouTuber will promote the video on their channel and social media outlets to help drive more traffic to your video.

It’s a form of free publicity that can earn you a lifetime of loyal subscribers.
Start Growing Your YouTube Views

As you can see, there are a variety of ways you can grow your YouTube views without paying for ads.

It just takes a good strategy and word-of-mouth promotion to take your viewership to great heights.

You can also learn a lot from other successful channels in your niche.

So do your research, experiment, and let us know in the comments what works for building your YouTube views!