That’s how many users YouTube has. We’re talking actively logged in users, not including the ones who only log in once or twice a month.

It’s bigger than Gmail and almost as big as Facebook. If you weren’t paying attention to the platform before, it’s never too late to start.

Harnessing the power of YouTube means you can start your career or make a nice side income. Before you get started (or if you already have), it’s important to have a YouTube schedule.

Why? We answer that question, along with some tips, below.

1. Your Subscribers Aren’t Overwhelmed

Don’t be that YouTuber who posts videos every hour. It looks spammy and you’ll lose your audience’s interest.

Those who receive notifications of new videos will also have their inboxes full. That’s not good for your reputation or engagement.

Allow time for each video to have its moment. Promote it for a couple of weeks, and then release a new video.

2. It Builds Anticipation

When you make your YouTube schedule public, it builds anticipation. Your audience knows when new videos are coming, so they’ll visit more often. Your videos won’t get buried between everyone else they’re subscribed to.

Doing this creates a promise to your viewers. Stick to it or you’ll let a lot of people down, including yourself.

3. Helps You Set Goals

Sticking to a consistent schedule gives you an idea of your progress. Maybe one week you only received 100 views. For the next, you want to double that number.

Your schedule allows you to set goals. It’d be hard to track them if you posted videos sporadically.

4. You Create More Content

It’s tempting to post your videos the day you make them. Resist the urge!

Use your schedule as a chance to get caught up on content. The time between postings means more time to create.

It’s okay to have a few videos lined up, waiting to post. This helps for the days where you aren’t feeling well, as you can rest without stressing about creating videos.

5. You Become Organized

Posting videos is one thing, but what about writing the description, promotion, and answering comments?

Use your schedule to get those things done too. A planner is useful for this, as you can keep track of everything that you need to do.

This way, you’ll have everything done before the official posting deadline. You won’t forget and quickly have to type out a lousy description.

6. You’ll Boost Your Ranking

Most people don’t realize that YouTube is a search engine. People use it to find all sorts of information like they do with Google.

With Google, they love when articles and websites stay up to date. The same algorithms apply to YouTube.

Consistently publishing content on the site means you’ll increase your rankings. An increase in rankings means more opportunities for ad revenue and attracts more viewers.

The Importance of a YouTube Schedule

One way to stand out on the overcrowded video platform is to stick to a YouTube schedule. Doing so ensures your audience gets new content and a boost in rankings for you, along with other things.

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