Whenever you visit Italy, don’t forget to visit Rome. Rome is the Capital of Italy and is famous for delicious wine food. Wealthy people around the world make a wine food tour in Rome on vacation and they enjoy a lot. If someone visits there for the first time, he can easily hire the services of expert guides to get about without restraint. The evening is the best time for a wine food tour in Rome. Drifting on the roads is an amazing thing in Rome. Delicious and mouth-watering wine foods are available on all hotels and restaurants.

The tradition of winemaking in the Italian peninsula is more than 2,000 years old. From the Romans to the Popes, to present-day wine bars have been kept shifting. Last month our company manager had arranged this tour for entertainment and to know about the history of Italy. However, we all were excited to know about the history of winemaking.

We all agreed to walk through primitive district of Rome the Rione Monti, on foot. When we were passing through the streets of this historical and artistic city, we stopped at various wine bars.

The most exciting thing that I want to share with you is our visit to the illustrious Borgia stairs, San Pietro in Vincoli church, Santa Maria ai Monti church and much more! This area is distinguished for being an almost exclusively Roman neighborhood but it lacks the common crowd of tourists despite being only a few steps from the Coliseums.

Here I would like to share the beautiful aesthetic sense of Rome as I have observed there while walking through the enchanting streets and stopping on different shops and wine bars. It is difficult for me to compare art and cuisine; I think art and cookery of Rome are equal.

Even though I cannot express my feelings in words, I enjoyed this tour along with my friends, colleagues, boss and a modest guide.

At each stop, our guide took us through the tasting while illustrating the ingredients of each wine region along with the possible food pairings. The wines accompanied us by selected delicacies and snacks.

Today, I am sharing my experience of wine food tour in Rome with you dear readers. During this vacation, I visited Italy accompanied by my office colleague. Our guide has told us about the delicious wine food of Rome later he led us to Rome. He also explained that if we did not make wine food tour in Rome, it means we have enjoyed nothing in Italy.

We enjoyed a variety of street foods, such as zucchini flowers, suppli, pastries, and pizza, while taking in the impressive scenery of historic Rome all around us. Tourist attractions Street food tasting tour in Rome Sample some of the Eternal City’s favorite street food fastens. We also tasted suppli, pizza, pastries, and seasonal food of Rome. While strolling through the lanes of this ancient city, we all were struck by seeing some eye-catching views. Campo de Fiori is one of Rome’s renowned market squares wherefrom the travelers can get a guide and meet some of the food vendors at their market stalls.

A detailed description of wine food tour in Rome

Our wine food tour in Rome begins in one of the most lively and dynamic squares in Rome- Campo de’ Fiori. It was surrounded by busy cafés and street musicians were playing music to entertain the people. Here we saw a wonderful selection of artisanal cured meats accompanied by the best Italian wines.

When we stroll around Campo de’ Fiori, our guide discloses the unique and wonderful history of the area before tasting the next culinary delighted cheese. The famous shop on the Roman food tour contains only PGI- protected cheeses of various Italian origins went together by a carefully selected wine.

The next stop on this food tour of Rome was to taste the famous Roman speciality – ‘baccalà fritto’ (lightly fried fish).

We could not ignore having tasty pizza in Rome.

 There was another famous restaurant “ Trastevere” that serves delicious Italian treat – “suppli”.

We closed our food journey in Trastevere with some delicious locally made gelato. By the end of this food tour around Rome, we felt satisfied, having explored the tasty delicacies, wines and local spots that are such a fundamental part of life here.