There are many ways on Instagram to get more followers to your account, such as hashtags and engaging with other users. However, did it ever occur to you that you could use real life to get more followers? Don’t forget the power of face-to-face communication.

Here are five ways to boost your number of followers in your everyday person-to-person life.

#1 Social Media Conferences

Attending social media conferences can not only help you find out new ways to grow your social media portfolio, it can help get your name in front of new clients and audiences, which opens up a whole world of potential new Instagram followers.

These types of conferences are so popular that they are hosted in many cities all over the world, so chances are there is a local one you can attend.

#2 Business Cards

Wherever you go, carry a business card that features your Instagram handle. If you strike up a conversation with someone new or even someone you haven’t seen in a while, have them ready to whip out and you might just get yourself some new followers.

Cafes often have jars to pop in your business card – keep your eyes peeled for anything like this and hand them out as often as possible. People are naturally curious and just might check out your Instagram business account then and there.

#3 Networking

If you run your own Instagram business or are the social media manager for one, you are probably attending all sorts of networking events, lunches and dinners.

This is a great opportunity to get more followers on Instagram by letting everyone know about the wonderful posts your business makes. Talk them up and entice them to take a look and be sure your posts are at least as good as you say they are in order to gain new followers.

#4 Saving Face

It’s harder to dismiss someone to their face.

If you talk about the wonderful photos and videos you have on Instagram and ask them to check it out, they aren’t likely to say no because they don’t want to be considered rude or get a bad reputation.

Many people will hide behind their screen to be rude, or just pretend they never saw your message or post, so use face-to-face contact as an opportunity to not be ignored.

#5 Location

When you are out and about, at events or just in the local neighborhood, use this on Instagram.

Tag other brands and the location in your posts if you’re at, for example, a networking event or conference. This shows that you are indeed a real person with a real business and real job, and it gives you an authentic quality your followers will respond well to.

Tagging other Instagram business accounts from these events can also boost the visibility of your posts as it’ll be showing up on their feed in the ‘Photos of You’ section.

These five tips will help you grow your Instagram account further and will help get your name and brand out there among both the real world and the social media world. It’s important to remember to use Instagram to connect with your real life experience and vice versa, so your followers will be able to connect even more of a person to the account than before.

Use Real Life To Boost Your Insta Followers
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Use Real Life To Boost Your Insta Followers
Reciprocal engagement, respectful manners, using hashtags and high quality posts are all great ways to boost the number of followers you have on Instagram. One element often overlooked is how you can use real life events and interactions to get more followers on Instagram.
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