Finding your own success on Instagram doesn’t mean that you can’t look at what everyone else is doing. It’s actually the opposite. Taking a close up look at how other people in specific niches use Instagram can help you understand Instagram users more proficiently and also give you new content ideas and a feel for how different people are having success on Instagram.

Gathering information about what appeals to your market and how people are using the social media platform can help to get free Instagram followers by making your posts more engaging and your strategy more rigorous.

One of the popular niches on Instagram is that of parenting – it makes sense seeing as so many of the population are parents. In the times of social media, parents are taking to the internet to break free of the isolation of raising kids so they can share in the chaos, hilarity, heartbreak, and mess that can be parenting.

There are many hugely successful parenting accounts on Instagram, because who says you can’t be a mom and a mom Influencer?

Instamom Hack #1 – Be Relatable

Create access for lonely mamas. You may be the Martha Stewart of moms, and that’s great, but make yourself accessible to all of those moms who are at home with their kids all day and have no support system.

Instagram can be the modern-day village that moms need, access to someone else’s life and to see they are not alone in their struggles and quirks.

If you appear like you have it all together and you’re the perfect mom, other moms will feel inadequate and unable to relate, and therefore are unlikely to follow you.

Instamom Hack #2 – Find Your Calling

Find a gap and fill it. You’re a mom so you know your audience pretty well, along with everything needed and not needed to raise kids.

While using Instagram to set up a drive-through bread and milk counter (something every mom yearns for, seriously) probably won’t lead anywhere, look for ideas and products people can buy online.

Moms Shannon Barker and Michaela Ehrle launched MotherTruckerCo as an Instagram business because they live in California and couldn’t find any hats they liked at the store. They made their own for a July 4th party, and their idea was born. After 18 months of selling caps on Instagram, they’d sold a million dollars worth of hats.

Instagram is often the first and last thing of the day people, including moms, check. Moms also have minimal downtime but lots of minutes here and there of waiting around. The obligatory 10 minutes early you arrive for school pick up = Instagram scrolling; soccer/baseball/dance practice = Instagram. There are lots of times where a mom is just mindlessly scrolling Instagram to fill time too short to do anything productive but too long to stare into space. Instamoms capitalize on this and know with a short post they can capture the attention of moms out there very quickly to get more Instagram followers instantly.

Instamom Hack #3 – Be Authentic

Be honest and transparent. Other moms relate to those who keep it real on social media and don’t hide behind fake perfection, and this is how an Instamom Instagrams.

They write as if they are talking to someone face to face, and they don’t try to be anyone else but themselves. Often Instamoms don’t even have time to pretend to be someone they’re not, it’s actually quicker and easier to be yourself.

Instamom Hack #4 – Find Your Niche

With so many moms out there, it’s natural there are so many different types of mothers. Many Instamoms pick a niche within this niche to attract like-minded followers. A popular one is fitness and mom life, but it can be whatever is unique to you, like travel and mom life, or cooking and mom life.

Successful Instamoms will use popular hashtags within their niche too, such as #FitMom, which help navigate like-minded people to your profile. A non-mom would never be searching the hashtag #FitMom for example, so you know everyone who is searching that is interested in your niche.

Try using a hashtag generator like Hashtags For Likes to find the most popular hashtags for your niche.

Instamom Hack #5 – Make Your Whole Feed Appealing

Tell a story with your feed. People generally follow accounts on Instagram not just because of one photo, but because of the whole feed. An Instamom will have their feed looking flawless, with the colors going well together and it looking consistent. You can start by using the same filter on each photo and using your caption to add something to the photo.

Using Instagram like an Instamom might not be for everybody, but there are certain takeaways to their approach that are applicable to everyone. Telling a story with your feed and keeping the color palette consistent is an important tip that any user on Instagram should follow in order to be successful. People can often spot inauthenticity a mile off, even when hidden behind a computer screen, so being yourself is also a great hack for everyone in order to get more followers on Instagram.

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