If you want to get more followers on Instagram, you might look to some of the most popular Instagram accounts for inspiration. Aside from Instagram’s “Instagram” account, the rest of the top 10 users with the most Instagram followers are all celebrities. Beyonce, Dwyane Johnson, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, etc… Aside from being super famous, what is it that people like about their accounts more than other celebrities? And how can you use Instagram like them?

Celebrity Instagram Hack #1 – Humor

They are funny. Celebrities can make fun of themselves on Instagram in a way that brands perhaps can’t, or won’t.

Celebrities are pretty much the only people who are able to poke fun at themselves and it be funny rather than mean. It shows they are a little goofy and are able to laugh at themselves.

Perhaps they post a photo of how bad they look first thing in the morning – something that would have been career suicide in a tabloid. However, because they can control the narrative on Instagram, they can make it seem hilarious and normal; and people often respect it when celebrities show themselves looking less than perfect and like everyone else.

Celebrity Instagram Hack #2 – Relatability

They are relatable. The celebrities that are the most successful on Instagram, i.e. the ones that have the most followers, are the ones who add posts that make them relatable to regular non-famous humans.

Even if people hate cats, when Taylor Swift posts a video of her cat being a cat, it shows that she’s more ‘normal’ than she can sometimes seem. She has a regular, grumpy cat, that she named after her favorite TV character, and people love her for it.

Celebrity Instagram Hack #3 – Utilize Nostalgia

They post throwbacks. Throwback Thursday, Flash Back Friday, or maybe even both.

These can make celebrities seem down to earth, and nostalgic, just like us. It can also send the message to followers that they loved and appreciated the old days, which are often when fans first fell in love with them.

Nothing leaves a bad taste more than when celebrities are ashamed of work they did in the past and want to hide from it, because that’s often where they gained most of their following. By showing their nostalgia for it, they are showing their fanbase respect.

Celebrity Instagram Hack #4 – Caption This

They use captions well. Celebrities go beyond the photo with their captions. Brands can often simply narrate the photo and move on.

In one post, The Rock, aka Dwyane Johnson, adds a photo of himself at the gym. Instead of captioning it with something short or explaining what he’s doing, he gives his fans a little behind-the-scenes insight into his gym routine and motivation.

Another post from Katy Perry celebrating her birthday at Olive Garden includes the witty caption, ‘When you could go anywhere for your bday dinner but you’re so OG that you go to OG with all your OG’s’. Instead of a simple ‘Birthday dinner!’ caption, she opts to make it funny and also uses current slang, make her seem more normal.

Celebrity Instagram Hack #5 – Feel Included

They make announcements. Celebrities are taking to Instagram more and more to announce big news, from music videos and album launches to pregnancy announcements, you’ll hear about it first – only if you’re following them on Instagram.

Many brands, Influencers and Instagram business accounts can take tips from how celebrities use social media in a bid to get more followers on Instagram. Ideas like using social media to make announcements can be really beneficial to your follower count. Posting throwbacks to when your brand first started can help connect followers with your story and giving behind-the-scenes peeks or personal snippets can help deepen your relationship with your followers.

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