Considering the perspective of another is often the most effective way to get out of a rut. If you have found that you’ve built up your Instagram empire but you aren’t seeming to grow anymore, taking a look at the strategies of other Instagram users can help you get more followers and carry on that growth.

If you are a small business, individual or Influencer, looking at some of the tactics used by bigger businesses and their social media managers can be a real eye opener. Here we detail five successful strategies social media managers use on Instagram.

Social Media Manager Strategy #1

They use all the ‘tools’ they can get their hands on. We don’t mean spanners or hammers, we mean apps or software that give them information or eases their workload.

Popular tools for social media marketing include Iconosquare, which offers reports and analysis on each post in addition to overall audience engagement. This can be very useful in getting more followers or before a launch or big campaign.

Instagram Insights offers a great look into the reach and engagement of your posts and can help you to figure out what strategy is working for your Instagram business.

Social Media Manager Strategy #2

They schedule and they plan. Social media managers definitely take the ‘instant’ out of Instagram, but by removing the fundamental basis of Instagram they are actually more successful. Ironic, but true.

Social media managers aren’t snapping photos on the fly and uploading them then and there, they are carefully thinking out posts in advance and using a platform to edit and write them before saving and scheduling them for future upload.

If there is something they want to be ‘instant’ with, such as an event coming up, for example, they will already have thought about the type of photo or photos they want, written captions and then add the photo in during the event.

Social Media Manager Strategy #3

Sometimes they will own the fact they don’t have time to produce original posts every day, or whatever is required. As a result, they will start asking users to generate content (great for engagement levels) or use something like Unsplash to borrow a stock photo for when they need something inspiring but simply don’t have the time to create it. Remember to always give photo credit where due though!

Social Media Manager Strategy #4

They use editing apps. Many advise against the use of filters, it’s really up to you as long as you keep it consistent, but no photographer would ever say not to edit your photos. It’s half the work of a photographer to edit his or her footage after taking it.

There are plenty of editing apps out there, but two of the best are Snapseed and Adobe Photoshop Express

Social Media Manager Strategy #5

They research and use hashtags properly and only for their advantage. While using a witty or cute hashtag can seem like a good idea, remember to say what you want to say with actual words in your caption and use your hashtags to help people locate your posts.

Social media managers are using apps and websites like Hashtags for Likes to find which hashtags relate to their topics, and are going to bring eyes to their content. They are also using analytic programs to help decipher which hashtags their audiences are searching for. Again, the native Instagram Insights is a great start for your social media marketing strategy.

These five tips will help you run your Instagram account like a social media manager. While you may not want to copy their strategy exactly, using all of these hacks sometimes or some of them regularly could help you boost your account and get more followers on Instagram.

Use Instagram Like A… Social Media Manager
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Use Instagram Like A… Social Media Manager
Looking at how other people use Instagram can help develop strategies for your own account. Here we outline how social media managers use Instagram and what you can learn from them.
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