Gaining insight into how other people use Instagram can help you boost your own number of followers. Everyone has to tailor their account a little differently to keep it original and targeted correctly. However, finding out more about other peoples, brands or businesses tactics could give you some tips on how to improve your Instagram game and get more followers.

Millennials make up a large chunk of the active users of Instagram and because of this, you could learn valuable business and social media marketing insights if you take a closer look at how they are using Instagram.

Things To Know About Millennials

As always, it’s important to learn who these people are in order to learn more about what makes them tick, and why they behave the way they do.

Millennials are a generation not only being defined by the year in which they were born, but by the fact that they are the first generation to not know adult life without technology.

This is a key factor because, unlike previous generations, they don’t regard the internet or mobile devices as a luxury or as something that is nice to have, or an added extra. To them it is essential and they couldn’t function adequately in their life without it. Important to note because platforms like Instagram are immediately an essential part of their personal and business life, they aren’t something they need to learn how to use and incorporate into it, it is already there for them.

Another key element of a millennial is that they favor personal experiences over material goods, and, as such, are likely to post more about things they’ve done or hope to do than flashy cars or expensive jewelry. They also favor positivity and inspiration over doom and gloom. But realistic positivity, they don’t like fake happy posts.

Millennial Hack #1 – Instagram Stories

Millennials use Instagram Stories. They view them as a way to be more authentic and show that you’re not squirreling away secrets behind closed doors.

Guess what? The doors are closed but the camera’s still rolling. This is how millennials build loyalty and trust on Instagram.

Millennial Hack #2 – Learn The Unwritten Social Rules

Since millennials often have more interactions on social media a day than in real life, they have developed their own social code, an etiquette you have to follow in order to ‘fit in’.

This includes things like, don’t send more than five direct messages to the same user in a day, unless you get a response.

Like the comments people upload to your posts, personally reply to comments added within an hour of posting.

Learn the code and apply it to your social media marketing strategy and it will show you how to get more followers on Instagram.

Millennial Hack #3 – Post Consistently

Millennials are always online, and as a consequence of this are always scrolling for new content and adding new content.

To keep up with this you’d need to be creating content on a daily basis, it’s how they get so many followers and high engagement. People keep coming back for more and will be disappointed if there isn’t more there.

Millennial Hack #4 – Use Hashtags

They use hashtags sparingly and find what works. They don’t use too many because it’s not considered in good taste to overuse hashtags, but they also monitor Instagram Insights to see which hashtags people are liking and which ones they can get rid of in future.

A post with at least one Instagram hashtag gets 12.6% more engagement than a post without a hashtag. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas try using a hashtag generator like Hashtags For Likes to help you out.

When it comes down to it, each Instagram business is different and has different needs. However, taking a look at what works for others and what strategies they have can sometimes show you how to get more followers on Instagram and improve your engagement rates.

Use Instagram Like A… Millennial
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Use Instagram Like A… Millennial
Taking some time to learn about the ways other people and businesses are using Instagram is a great way to find new strategies to get more Instagram followers for your own account. Here we outline how successful moms use Instagram and what you can learn from them.
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