There are so many different types of Instagram accounts out there and each of them has their own tricks to their success. Looking at different niches and figuring out how they get more followers on Instagram, as well as how they boost their engagement, can often give you some ideas on how to grow your own account.

Cat accounts on Instagram are among the most popular accounts, so how do they do it? How can you run an account like a cat?

Instagram Cat Hack #1 – Do The Obvious

Post cat photos.

But the real take away is, it’s important to stick to the theme of your account. Don’t post photos of the view your cat has of the garden or the food your cat is eating. Focus on what your audience wants and give it to them, in this case, it’s photos of your cat.

Instagram Cat Hack #2 – Draw Your Audience In

Put the social in social media. Cat accounts add not only a photo but a caption too. Normally something that is enticing enough to strike up a conversation.

If someone comments on your post, take the time to reply and keep it social, cat-focused but not catty.

Instagram Cat Hack #3 – Be More Cat

Let the cat’s personality shine through. The same as with a human account, letting personality come through in your posts is more appealing to Instagram users.

One of the most successful Instagram cats is Grumpy Cat, who lets her personality as the world’s grumpiest cat shine through in a hilarious way.

Instagram Cat Hack #4 – The Cat Is The Star

The cat does the talking. Even though obviously the cat isn’t actually running the account, the successful Instagram cat accounts are written from the point of view of the cat.

This can be applied to a lot of other types of Instagram accounts, when you’re writing the captions for the photos or videos, put yourself completely in the mind of the person or brand you are writing for.

Instagram Cat Hack #5 – Cats Are Social

Cat-llaborate. Cats teaming up with other cats is a winning way cats of Instagram boost their Instafame.

Featuring favorite cat brands on the feed is also a way cats get followers on Instagram because tagging other users and brands in their posts maximizes their visibility. This can also lead to brand endorsements and partnership deals, which not only makes money but puts you in Influencer territory as your followers are now looking to you to influence their opinions on products.

These simple tricks cats use on Instagram to get more followers and make their accounts successful can be applied to a lot of other brands and businesses. Teaming up with like-minded accounts and brands is a good idea no matter what your niche and adding products to your posts could land you partnership deals down the line.

Sticking to your theme and letting your personality shine through, whether it’s your brand’s personality or your own, is a great way to connect with followers and make your relationship with them even stronger.

Use Instagram Like A… Cat
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Use Instagram Like A… Cat
Taking time to learn how other people are using Instagram is a great way to get more followers for yourself. We look at how cats use Insta and what you can learn.
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