Gaining insight into how other people use Instagram can help you expand your account, boost engagement and increase your number of Instagram followers.

Everyone’s needs are different when it comes to running their Instagram account, but there is something to be said for comparing strategies. It might give you ideas you hadn’t thought of, or help you branch out and tap into an audience you hadn’t thought about before.

Bloggers are dominant on Instagram and many have wonderful success launching their blog into the spotlight by marketing it with Instagram.

Things To Know About Bloggers

To be a successful blogger, you need people to read your blog. In order for people to read your blog, they need to be able to find it. Cue Instagram. A great tool for directing people’s attention.

They already have the content ready, they just need to turn it into an Insta-worthy post.

Their whole business is online, they are a new generation of media and likely young and tech-savvy but creative.

Blogger Hack #1 – Self-Promotion

Bloggers create content by using content they’ve already created.

The idea behind an Instagram account for a blogger is to catch the attention of new people and entice them enough to persuade them to click through to their blog. So, they will use a photo from the blog and a caption encapsulating the essence of the blog post.

Anyone can use this idea by thinking, what is the best photo or video we already have to say what we want to say or promote what we want to promote?

Blogger Hack #2 – Instagram on PC

They ‘gram from their desktops. It’s convenient to use your phone, yes, but by downloading a desktop app like Grids it allows you to use content from your computer without having to send everything to your phone.

Bloggers will do the bulk of their writing from their desktop or laptop so it’s naturally more convenient to have the option of posting from here too.

By all means use your phone too, if you’re at a blogger event perhaps and want to update your Instagram Story then and there. But for more professional and thought out posts, having a desktop option is a nice option.

Blogger Hack #3 – Diversify And Integrate

Bloggers integrate Instagram with their blog to maximize traffic to their website.

You can link to your blog in your Instagram bio, and also add Instagram content to your blog via widgets like Instagram Slider or Instagram Feed.

Adding an Instagram ‘Like’ button to any photos you’ve added to Instagram that are also in your blog is a great way to easily boost engagement and essentially get free followers that were already interested in your content.

Blogger Hack #4 – Be Authentic

They use live videos, non-live videos and Instagram Stories to create authentic content to build a personal brand. A large part of being a blogger is selling yourself as a brand.

People will stick around and become regular readers and loyal fans if they like you. If they like your posts but don’t like you as a person, they won’t read as often and won’t accept your opinion as truth, which can lead to trouble when you’re seeking out brand partnerships. By adding behind-the-scenes style videos, or going live at an event, it shows the real and hopefully, likable, you.

These hacks should help you see the perspective of a blogger when it comes to Instagram. Their main aim is to direct traffic to their website, which can also be said of a lot of Instagram business accounts. Adapting some of the strategies a blogger uses on Instagram for your business could result in a higher engagement level and more followers on Instagram.

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Use Instagram Like A… Blogger
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