Travel is a very popular but very expansive subject area on Growing Instagram Followers.

This is an advantage because it’s very popular but you can choose so many things within ‘travel’ to focus on.

Whether it’s travel fashion, backpacker travel, luxury travel, Asian travel or travel food, the world, as they say, is your oyster.

Travel is a niche to consider if you love exploring new places, if your friends are constantly asking “where are you?” rather than “how are you?” and it’s a dream of yours to live out of a suitcase while getting paid.

Create a Super Niche

Having travel as your subject is almost like having nothing specific at all as your niche.

For some, travel can be everything every day in life, and so you need to focus on a specific area of travel in order to stand out from the rest and make people think that your account is an absolute must-follow.

Really focused super niches will look at a specific area of travel, such as adventure travel, for a certain type of person, like millennials, and a certain type of travel, for example, family travel or backpacking travel. Really think about your target audience when deciding which area to focus on.

Check Out The Competition

Both big brands and Influencers are competitors to you and your marketing strategy on Instagram.

Use the knowledge of who they are to find out what they are posting, what people are responding to and what they’re not.

Also take a look at their followers, especially the users who are interacting with their content.

Follow them and start engaging with their content.

This engagement will help you grow your followers because you can make a name for yourself within your target audience your competitor has already built up for you. Hopefully, people will start to notice you and be interested in your posts too.

Some of the biggest Instagram travel accounts are: @earthpix @loic.lagarde @beautifuldestinations @doyoutravel @gypsea_lust @_itsbeautifulhere @wearetravelgirls @kellyalack @annstreetstudio @taramilktea @jackharding @lucylaucht @finduslost @prettylittlelondon

These names should get you started off nicely.

As you can see there is a real mix of types of travel these accounts are focusing on.

@prettylittlelondon focuses purely on London. It might not seem like a travel account and perhaps more like an everyday London lifestyle account, but that’s where the super niche comes in.

She’s using it as a travel account but by focusing on London, she’s able to incorporate food and lifestyle elements too.

She looks at the everyday beauty in a big city, posts stunning photos of hidden gems and huge landmarks alike, while using it to direct travel to her blog about London life.

Travel Hashtags

Hashtags are a huge part of growing your followers on Instagram.

You can use up to 30 hashtags on each post, however, keeping it at around the 10 mark will probably be more productive in attracting real followers.

Using hashtags relevant to each individual post is important too, as you can bring in a different audience with a slightly different hashtag.

Using less specific and branded hashtags on each post is okay, as long as you are adding in these more focused ones as well.

Hashtags are used to boost the visibility of your post, and the more visible your content, the more potential followers are seeing it and being given the opportunity to follow your account.

It’s no good posting beautiful content if it’s not searchable, because no one will ever see it.

Depending on the size of your account, hashtags with between 300,000 and one million posts will be the most effective for growing your followers and reaching new people.

General Travel

#wanderlust – a hugely popular hashtag so only use it if it makes sense for your post or you already have a huge account following.

#adventureseeker – with less than 200,000 posts this hashtag will give you a better shot at being featured on search pages than popular ones like #adventure.

#doyoutravel – quite a large one at over 1.8 million posts, it originates from the @doyoutravel account. Since it’s another big one, only use it where appropriate or in conjunction with smaller hashtags.

Travel Blogging

#travelbloggers – this is a perfect hashtag to reach out to others in the travel blogging sphere. Instagram niches are little communities and there is a comradery among bloggers, and this hashtag will help you be discovered by them. And with less than 500,000 posts, it makes you quite visible, unlike hashtags like #travelblog #blogger or #blog.

#travelblogging – a variation of the same but even less popular, with less than 150,000 posts, making it a more favorable choice if you are just starting out as a travel blogger. #bloggersofinstagram and #tblogger are similar.

#bloggerslife – this is a smart hashtag because it only has 200,000 posts but take away the pluralization and you’ll get over 2.6 million posts coming up using #bloggerlife.

Business Travel

#digitalnomads – with less than 150,000 posts it’s a good one for starting out and gives you a better chance of being featured on search pages and attracting followers.

#workandtravel – less than 150,000 posts will help you to build up engagement with people who are actually interested in your content and not just overall travel.

#locationindependent – this hashtag will help you connect with people who aren’t or don’t want to be tied out to a desk or an office, and if they are searching for a hashtag this specific, they are definitely going to be interested in your content. Slightly less popular is #workhardanywhere with over 75,000 posts, but #workfromanywhere is more popular with over 500,000 posts.

Luxury Travel

#roomwithaview – a lot of luxury travel niches feature hotels heavily, so this hashtag is a no-brainer. Almost one million posts makes it quite popular, so be sure to pair it with less popular posts for maximum visibility

#hoteldesign has a little over 200,000 posts and is a great hashtag to use if you want to capture beautiful architecture and attract the attention of hotels for potential promotional partnerships.

#hotelroom and #luxuryhotels are the more popular hashtags in this super niche with 600,000 and 300,000 posts respectively. #besthotels #hotelliving #luxuryholiday #hotelstay and #hotelfun are relevant but a little smaller if you want to maximize visibility.

The main top tips for growing your followers on Instagram aren’t rocket science, focus your specialty, use hashtags and research your competitors and audience. Continue to post excellent content and watch your followers list grow every day.