Growth tools to get real Instagram followers are important for building up your number of followers.

It can be easy to plateau using the obvious methods so having some tools in your belt can help you continue to grow your account.

These tools will help you grow your account organically, so you’ll continue to build up real followers.

1. Scheduling Posts

There are a number of websites that offer scheduling tools for Instagram.

Hootsuite, Sprout Social and Buffer are just three platforms that can do this for you.

Posting consistently on Instagram is one of the key elements for growing your number of followers.

There is only so much time you can dedicate to this on the go, so consider scheduling your posts in advance in order to post more often and on a regular schedule.

It can often have the effect of boosting the quality of your posts too. Dedicating a chunk of time to editing photos, writing captions and adding tags can really pay off in this respect.

When you do it on the go it can be tricky to think of the best or most witty caption, you might not have time to edit the photo to the highest standard and you may forget to use some of the hashtags you intended to.

2. Analytics

There are lots of options available when it comes to data analytics on your Instagram account.

By far the easiest option is just to use Instagram Insights because it’s already built into your business profile.

By accessing demographic information about your followers and the users engaging with your posts, you’ll be able to target future posts towards these people.

Not only will they engage with your posts more, but you’ll probably attract more like-minded followers.

Having information regarding which posts are more popular is valuable for growing your Instagram account.

You’ll be able to see which times your followers are most active and going forward, you can post more during these times.

You’ll also get a sense of what types of posts your audience loves, likes or dislikes, enabling you to tailor your content even further.

3. Regrams

Using the Repost app, businesses, Influencers, and other Instagram users can repost (‘regram’) any post.

This particular tool is useful for building brand awareness.

This is a valuable part of growing your business as it enables you to repost anything that mentions you, or is relevant to your account.

Another bonus of the regram is that you can repost user-generated content, which is very popular.

Fans find it relatable and therefore are more likely to engage with these types of posts.

They can be used in competitions too, for example, you can ask users to take photos of themselves with your product in a certain setting, with the promise your account will repost the winner.

This will also get you a boost in engagement on the post/posts announcing the competition.

These three tools will almost certainly help you to grow you Instagram further.

Regramming opens up so many opportunities for growing your account and brand by engaging users and getting involved in the Instagram community.

Analytics are vital in knowing what to post and when, and then you can use this information when setting up a post scheduling platform.

All handy tricks to continuing your Instagram growth to get more real followers.