As of June 2018, Instagram now has one billion monthly users, so surely it can’t be so hard to get a few thousand, or even hundred thousand, likes on your Instagram posts? But with so many users out there now, you’ll need some strategies to help your account stand out from others and make people pay attention long enough to click ‘like’.

Even though it’s an important aspect of Instagram, merely engaging with other users isn’t enough anymore. Here are a few tips to create the perfect account that is sure to get your more likes on Instagram.

Create an identity

This is a really important aspect to consider when you are trying to get more Instagram likes.

Decide who you want to be and what sort of image you want to portray.

You’ll need to pick a ‘theme’, such as food, animals, fashion or travel. Or perhaps a couple if they go well together, for example, travel and food, or houses and interior design.

Once your theme is set, you’ll need to think about the tone you want to set.

For example, are you going to be formal or casual, serious or funny? Fill out your bio with enough information to get people interested, but not enough so they feel they know everything about you.

Leave them wanting more, so they will follow you and enjoy your newsfeed as each post gives them another little tidbit about who you are, what you stand for and what your story is.

Predictable posting

Another vital part of getting more Instagram likes is to be consistent with how often you post and when you post. Be realistic with how often you can post, and then stick to it. Ideally, twice a day is optimum, but don’t try and post more than you have time for because you’ll end up being inconsistent.

There are many platforms out there which make scheduling Instagram posts in advance a great option for forward planning.

Time of day is also important as it’s likely your active Instagram followers will be more active at certain times. This information can be accessed using Instagram Insights, available for free if you have an Instagram business profile.

Predictable posting means your followers come to expect your posts and as a result are more likely to see them and engage with them, and more engagement means your post is higher on your followers feeds which means you’ll get more likes on Instagram.

Good editing

If you don’t bother editing your photos, videos, GIFs etc, people won’t bother to like them.

It’s as simple as that.

If you put in the effort on Instagram, it’ll be returned to you.

Instagram works like a community, and what you put into it, you get back out.

Making visually pleasing posts makes it more likely people will notice your post instead of scrolling past it; and if they stop to see it, they will ‘like’ it.

When using the Instagram filters, be sure to stick to the lighter ones like Valencia, as the darker ones like X-Pro II aren’t as aesthetically appealing and often get fewer likes on Instagram.

Use popular filters

Following on from the previous tip, depending on which country you’re trying to appeal to, there are favorite filters.

Clarendon is hands down the number one favorite filter in America, it gets more likes on Instagram than any other filter.

Following closely behind are Gingham and Juno, depending on which states you are from, and then in third place is Lark.

The filters following are Mayfair, Sierra, Valencia, and Walden. As for the rest of the world, Clarendon ranks as the world’s favorite filter, but after that, it differs depending on the country. So if in doubt, go for Clarendon!

Targeted hashtags

With so many options for hashtags, how do you know which ones are going to get more likes on Instagram?

Hashtags that are too general may not work for you, as your post will likely get lost among the millions of other posts using that hashtag. On the other hand, a hashtag that is too specific won’t be seen by enough people.

As a general rule, try and choose hashtags that are used in over 10,000 other posts but under one million.

This will ensure optimum visibility to maximize potential likes.

Without using hashtags, it’s unlikely any users will be able to find your posts without searching specifically for your username. Increasing visibility will ultimately result in getting more likes on Instagram.

Get featured on Instagram’s Explore page

Instagram’s Explore page is unique to each Instagram user and comprises posts they’ve liked and posts their followers have liked or engaged with.

This is a powerful tool because it means if your post receives a lot of engagement, it’ll be visible on a huge network of your follower’s followers.

The effect can essentially make your post go viral. The Explore page is now broken into themes.

This gives you an advantage when trying to get more likes on Instagram because the people interested in the subject of your posts will be the most likely to see it.

Meaning not only more ‘likes’, but potential new followers who’ll engage with all of your future posts.

There we have it, the roundup of the top six ways to get more likes on Instagram. Keep it simple and consistent, select hashtags wisely and put in the effort to produce good quality and interesting posts.

Remember to engage with others and set the tone, and you’ll find your Instagram popularity growing like wildfire.