A college student’s life is the juxtaposition of hectic and leisurely. One day you can have nothing to do and the world is your oyster, the next you have a million assignments on a tight deadline. Plus the whole, trying to figure out living on your own for the first time thing. There are a host of hacks on Instagram and the rest of the internet to be found for students trying to live their best life. We’ve selected seven of the best, and with these handy hacks, it’ll make life easier and might even save you some time.

Hack #1 – Soda Can Hanger Extensions

Small wardrobes are unfortunately part of student life. If you have more clothes than space, this soda hack is for you.

Shimmy the tab off the can and hook one hole over the hanger hook. Add another hanger to the other hole, and boom, you have two hangers using the rack space of one.

Hack #2 – Cool Your Room With A Wet Towel

Most students don’t have AC, so if you’re studying or hanging out and completely melting, this hack will cool you down in no time.

Warm temperatures deplete our body of the fuel we need to function, so keeping cool is a must if you want to get anything done. Hang a damp towel in front of an open window and feel the room cool down in minutes.

Hack #3 – Heat Two Bowls In The Microwave

Heating food in the microwave is a way of life for students, but if you want to eat with your friend or roommate, it can be awkward. Who goes first and then has to wait until the other person’s is heated, by which point yours has cooled down?

This handy life hack allows you to heat two bowls up at once. Position one bowl at one side of the microwave and balance the other bowl on a glass taller than the bowl. By elevating the bowl, it creates space for two bowls at once.

Hack #4 – Add A Glass Of Water To Your Pizza

To avoid overly chewy or charred beyond repair pizza crusts, add a glass of water to the microwave when reheating your leftover pizza.

Hack #5 – Float Your Eggs

Eggs are a cheap, yet nutritious, food and because of this, it’s a student staple. Scrambled eggs can be microwaved in minutes in a mug and hardboiled eggs are an easy snack. But some weeks there are only so many eggs we can eat, so how do you tell when they’ve gone bad?

Float them! Add your eggs to a big bowl of water, any that float have gone bad and should be thrown out. The freshest ones will sink to the bottom and lay on its side. A week old egg will start to rise slightly, and three weeks old will start to point upwards. The floaters should be tossed out, the rest are okay to eat.

Hack #6 – Tortilla Plates

Who needs the extra hassle or time wasted on washing up? Instead of using your energy cleaning, eat some extra energy in the form of a tortilla.

Add your dinner to a tortilla and use it as a plate! Think clam chowder in a bread bowl, the student version.

Hack #7 – Dryer Sheets On The Fan

It’s inevitable your dorm room will take on a certain undesirable odor. Avoid this with a quick life hack involving a dryer sheet.

Whether you have a fan or AC, pick something that blows air and tape a dryer sheet to it. It’ll blow out the fresh scent and have your room smelling like fresh laundry in no time.

If these hacks have inspired you to create some of your own shortcuts, why not create your own Instagram account dedicated to sharing your student life hacks? Posting about them to your student friends and using the right hashtags will help you get more followers on Instagram and before you know it, you could be using your college degree as an Influencer!