Many people are using Instagram as a marketing platform for their business. This includes yoga gurus. As relaxed as they seem, they too need to earn a living. Some of the things yogis post on their feed are life hacks, or top tips and secrets to how they achieve certain yoga poses or stick to their regime, or maintain a healthy lifestyle. We’re not talking about practice every day for a year and after 10,000 hours you’ll finally be able to do a headstand. We’re talking quick tips on how to improve your yoga skills. Here are the top five hacks on Instagram for yoga:

Hack #1 – Keep Moving by Hannah Bronfman

Yogi, founder of HBFIT and author of Do What Feels Good says that her top tip for yoga success isn’t heading to a class at the gym every day but to be mindful of staying active and moving throughout the day. For example, walking instead of driving or doing a five-minute yoga flow before bed each night.

Hack #2 – Try Everything by Shawn Johnson

Olympic gold medal gymnast Shawn Johnson suggests trying out as many different styles of yoga as possible, in a bid to discover the one that works best for your fitness style. This can also apply to all kinds of fitness, try as many as you can and see which feels the best to you.

Hack #3 – Trick Yo Self by Jessamyn

This yoga teacher recommends trickery in order to keep up your daily yoga workouts. She says lay down the yoga mat in a super inconvenient place, like in front of a door. Don’t let yourself pick it up until you’ve gone through your flow. She claims it’s so inconvenient to have it lying around, you’re more likely to do the yoga. She says the same works for driving to the gym, just start driving and tell yourself you don’t have to go. When you get there you’re not going to turn around and drive home, you’re most likely going to go in, and as a result, you’ve tricked yourself into working out!

Hack #4 – Foam Rolling by Kinetic Phase

The Kinetic Phase Instagram account swears that foam rolling is the secret to improving flexibility and improving your yoga skills. 10 minutes of foam rolling before moving through a yoga flow has been proven to not only increase your range of movement but it also reduces muscle soreness the following day.

Hack #5 – Mat Spray by Natural Heroes

This is a good one. You can’t practice yoga is your body is full of fungus infections from a dirty yoga mat; and you can’t get better at yoga if you don’t practice.

Homemade yoga mat spray is easy to make, but also free of chemicals found in store bought options. A quick recipe is one cup water, 1/4 cup witch hazel or white vinegar, 15 drops of Tea Tree essential oil (due to the instant anti-fungi properties) and an optional 10 drops of another essential oil for fragrance. Lavender, eucalyptus and lemongrass are good choices as they also possess anti-bacterial properties. Using a glass spray bottle tends to be preferable when using essential oils as some of them start to break down the plastic in plastic bottles.

There you have it, five quick hacks to improve your yoga skills. You’ll see that some of them directly help you, while others are hacks to actually get you practicing yoga, or keep you practicing yoga. As long as you’re maintaining your yoga practices, you’re bound to improve. If you have discovered any hacks of your own, why not post them on Instagram and see how many new followers you get?