Lots of Instagram accounts focus on fitness and running, why you should run, how far you should run, motivation for running etc. We all know exercise is good for mind, body, and soul, but what we really want to know is all the tips and trade secrets to make running more fun or more effective. We’ve compiled the top five hacks on Instagram for doing just this.

Katie Williams

This ex-sprinter, trainer and founder of We Are Real Talk workshops says on Instagram that her number one hack to being a successful runner is to invest in good running shoes and replace them every six months.

She states this will help prevent injuries, and once you stop running due to injury it can be hard to start again. It will also make running a more pleasant and comfortable experience and so you’ll be more likely to stick at it.

Andrew Pap

Athlete and owner of The Collective Gym says that his number hack for runners is to structure your work out with a plan in mind. Map out sessions in advance that will help gradually build up your endurance and speed.

Basically this means, don’t go for a gentle 30-minute jog twice a week. Think hill sprints and HIIT workouts to build up your stamina. Ironically running for long periods of time doesn’t always help you get better at running for long periods of time. For example, short sprints can help your fitness levels soar, to increase your competency at long distance.

Morgan Town Marathon

Pack light is a great one hack from the official Morgantown Marathon Instagram account. They specifically give the life hack of attaching your car key or house key directly to your shoelaces. If you can put one thing less in your backpack or fanny pack, you’ll run more easily. It might also stop your shoelaces from becoming loose or untied, so that’s an added bonus.

Lauren Hannaford

Elite gymnast turned trainer recommends taking your focus away from the distance you’re running and tuning your thoughts into each step you’re taking. Focus on the length of your stride, keeping your core tight and your overall technique. She also suggests adding motivating music to the mix, and insists that by doing this you’ll provide a good distraction from how far you have to run and it’ll fly by.

Positive Self Talk

In the form of temporary tattoos. Studies have proven that when people talk positively about themselves it can boost confidence, which in turn boosts performance. A fantastic way to keep the positivity alive when you are mid-run and feel like dying, it to get an inspirational (temporary) tattoo posted across your arm. Just look down and see ‘I Got This!!!’ and you’ll be good to carry on till the end.

Along with basic advice like staying hydrated (and getting that balance of fluid and electrolytes right) before and during your run, these hacks should help everyone give their running a little boost. Whether your goal is marathon training, losing weight or boosting overall fitness, check out all of the hacks on Instagram. If you find success by using these hacks, you could even post about them yourself, something which would probably get you more followers on Instagram.