Instagram is useful for many things – marketing your brand, posting selfies, using it as a back-up to store your best photos – but it can also be very useful for finding top tips and tricks in all areas of life. Mother and fatherhood, for instance, can be challenging, luckily there is an abundance of parenting hacks on Instagram.

1. Scavenger hunts

Kids are always hiding your things or losing their things, that coupled with the brain of a new (or seasoned) parent and there is always a pile of stuff you’re missing.

One helpful Instagrammer (ruby1508, but unfortunately the account no longer exists) suggested the idea to send the kids on a scavenger or treasure hunt (whatever appeals to their sense of adventure) to find all of your household’s missing items. Think of all the keys, sunglasses and socks you’ll get back without having to lift a finger!

2. Painting with water

This one may sound like an absolutely ridiculous idea, but IT WORKS. Thanks to ParentingHacks for sharing this gem.

Simply fill up a bucket, Tupperware, old can with water, hand them a brush and let them paint the fence, the house, the floor, the walls, whatever. They’ll think it’s their lucky day and at the very worst, your house/garden will end up a little cleaner in places.

3. Create a private account for kids’ artwork

Anyone with kids, especially at daycare or elementary school, knows about the abundance of artwork created. Of course, as parents, you love it all, but love doesn’t create a fridge the size of a mansion to display it.

Offspring/LifeHacker shared the idea of creating a private account on Instagram with only select friends and family able to view it, and posting photos of all the artwork as a method of storing/keeping it. Then there is the added bonus of using an Instagram connected photo service to create an album of it all later.

4. Non-slip PJ onesies

All in one fleecy PJs are perfect for babies and little toddlers, but once they start toddling around in them, they can be a little hazardous. They are beautifully slippy and if you have tile or hardwood floors, they can easily fall over.

Cue genius parenting hack from Proud Parents – whip out that hot glue gun and write their name on the bottom (or a pattern, or whatever you want). Once it dries, you have created a non-slip slipper-esque bottom to the PJs. One less accident waiting to happen!

5. Hide your candy in a frozen veggie bag

Yep. You heard it right! Girl Scout Thin Mints aren’t the only candy that tastes better out of the freezer, regular old chocolate bars do too. So once that big bag of frozen peas or broccoli is empty, stash all your sweet treats inside. The kids will never think to look there and finally, your sugary snacks will be all yours! This gem is courtesy of PishPoshBabyTalk.

There are so many accounts on Instagram offering parenting hacks. They are very popular, so perhaps if you’re a blogger consider adding some hacks in your field of expertise to your feed to boost your likes.