Consistency is key when it comes to Instagram success. It can be tempting to try out a different filter with every post, to be funny in some captions and melancholic in others. You might try to keep the moment alive and post everything instantly, as Instagram was originally intended, instead of set times and days. However, this can be the death of your Instagram success. Here are five Instagram hacks to keep your account uniform, allowing you to get more followers and grow your success.

Hack #1 – Pick A Filter

In order for your feed to look aesthetically pleasing to anyone who visits, you’ll need to either be either the same filter every time or at least only choosing from a couple. This will make your feed look beautiful and keep it looking like one account, rather than a ton of different posts pulled from everywhere. A bonus is that it significantly cuts down on your editing time as well.

Think of it as your fashion sense. You will generally wear the same kinds of styles and colors every day, dressing up or down as required. Every so often you’ll branch out and wear something different but, on the whole, it’s something that forms part of your identity. The same should be said of your Instagram feed.

Hack #2 – Align Everything

What we mean by this is that everything from your profile picture to your IGTV videos should represent your overall branding. Stick with the colors, settings, and tones you’d use in your main posts and spread this throughout all of your posts and profiles.

Hack #3 – Choose One Editing App

Similar to Hack #1 but potentially even more important. There are so many photo editing apps out there, mostly doing the same things. You only need one, it’ll save you time and also keep your photos looking consistent with your Instagram aesthetic. Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are both fantastic photo editing apps.

Hack #4 – Use Templates

Templates aren’t just for preschoolers drawing pictures anymore – there are multiple places to download templates to use for Instagram Stories. Apps like Canva and Unfold help you create them or you can download ready-made templates.

This saves you plenty of time as you’re not creating Stories from scratch every time, but also helps you keep your Stories posts looking consistent. It makes your brand more recognizable too when you have similar elements to each post.

Hack #5 – Re-order Posts

After you’ve made many posts and figured out your style, theme, and filters etc., it’s time to look at your feed and re-arrange the posts if necessary. Having your feed look good when viewed all at once it so important when trying to attract new followers.

The Preview app can be used to drag and drop the posts to put photos that complement each other next to each other. Avoid putting similar photos next to each other, space them out to make your feed look balanced.

These five hacks should instantly make your feed look tidier, cleaner and more attractive to visitors. There are other considerations like the background of your photos, and the borders you use (the same one, please!) but the main thing to remember is to keep your posts looking similar in terms of colors and filters but not exactly the same. Think of your account as your personality, even though you are sometimes a splash of orange, mostly you’re pinks, purples, and whites.