Instagram might not be your first thought as a teacher looking for inspiration, but it’s full of other teachers offering advice and wisdom. What better way to pick up tips than from those who are doing the job you are? If you need ways to find some extra time or save some money from your classroom budget, there are plenty of hacks on Instagram.

Here are five of the best hacks out there:

Hack #1 –  Painter’s Tape and Hot Glue

Elementary school teachers may have walls designed for classroom displays, but generally speaking, high school teachers are given barren walls to work with. How can you create an inspiring learning environment without at least some posters on the wall?

Save damaging the walls by sticking painter’s tape on them and adding hot glue over it. Anything will stick, but without pulling off the paint.

Hack #2 – Reading Guides

Every class has students that are more easily distracted than others, and some need a little extra help to focus on reading.

Take a strip of laminate and stick highlighter tape along the edges, leaving a transparent middle. Students can use this to place along the line they are reading, block out the words around it and focus on what they are supposed to be focusing on.

Hack #3 – Hack Composition Books

How frustrating is it when you use half your annual budget on composition books and the kids only use half of it?

Did you know you can simply take them down to Home Depot, or another home improvement store, and ask them to cut them in half? Usually they will do this for free, and suddenly you’ve doubled your resources.

Hack #4 – Dry Erase Desk for Collaborative Learning

Instead of group work on a regular desk, spend $5 transforming it into a dry erase board, and have students be able to brainstorm literally on the table.  Something about this informal way of jotting ideas down helps the creative juices flow. You also save paper, which is good for the environment and your budget.

You simply buy dry erase contact paper from any store, like Wal-Mart, ask a friend or colleague to help you roll it out on the table. Voila, that’s all it takes!

Hack #5 – Homeworkopoly

A creative way to encourage students to time in their homework on time was suggested by Le Teacher Chronicles. She created a Monopoly-style board with pencil tokens for each student. If they turn in their homework on time, they move up one space on the board.

It includes fun elements like Chance cards, and a Free Homework (instead of Free Parking) where they win a night off from homework. When they pass Go they can receive a little treat like a trinket or whatever the teacher feels is appropriate.

If you are a teacher, hopefully these hacks are helpful and inspiring. Maybe you run your own Instagram account for teachers and are always on the lookout for new ideas, be sure to credit the original stories in any reposts, which will often lead to more likes for you anyway!