Many brands or Influencers create business accounts on Instagram when they are ready to take their marketing strategy to the next level. However, many often find themselves stuck in a rut when it comes to continued expansion of their business account. With these handy Instagram hacks, watch your business account grow.

Hack #1 – DSLR Photos

Since you’ve taken the step to create a business account on Instagram, you have to step up your game a bit. This means no more amateur hour posts. Invest in a proper DSLR camera if you haven’t already and learn how to use it. Your content will suddenly be of a much higher quality, which is one key element to attracting a whole host of new followers and gaining respect in your field.

Hack #2 – User Generated Content

Now you’re really launching into the business scene, it’s time to get your audience involved. User-generated content is huge on social media, and with good reason – it tends to have a massive effect on engagement levels for a business.

The main avenue to go down with this is to ask customers to tag you in their photos of your product. It’s simple but people love it. It gets your products onto their Instagram feed, so suddenly you’re reaching all of their followers and it appears to them like a trusted endorsement even though it didn’t cost your business a penny. It’s a genuine way of creating trust within your product and company, as a natural endorsement often holds more sway than a paid ad.

Hack #3 – Bio Info

This may seem obvious but we can’t stress enough how important it is to add a link in your bio. You can redirect people to it from your posts, but make sure it is clickable and active. Essentially the main purpose of many business accounts is to drive traffic to the brand website, so this is probably the most important thing to do. A large number of brands update the link to the latest post, in order to drive traffic to this content. It helps with numbers when approaching new clients or brands.

With a business account, you are allowed to add in a phone number, email and street address. Do all of these things. Being on Instagram is making yourself and your business more accessible, and what’s more accessible than a phone number, email address and street address?

Hack #4 – Links in Stories

Clickable links are like a swear word on Instagram. Or they used to be, before you switched to a business account. Everybody has (or should have) a clickable link in their bio, but if you are the proud owner of a business account on Instagram you can add clickable links into your Stories.

The rule to this is that you need 10,000 followers or more to be able to add in that golden link. If you’re not quite there, keep using our hacks and grow your Instagram account in order to reach this goal. You can also add them into your Stories if you’re posting on behalf of a brand, so Influencers shy of the 10,000 mark can still make use of this perk if they have brand partnerships.

Hack #5 – Advertise

Only those with business accounts are allowed to advertise on Instagram. You can build your ads from your Facebook account and choose to share them on Instagram if you have a business profile.
These five hacks should help you make the most of your business account quickly and effectively. Building up your number of followers on Instagram is important if you are using it for marketing purposes. Getting your target audience involved is vital in boosting engagement numbers and growing your followers, and adding clickable links in wherever possible will help grow your company.