Ask any teacher and they will tell you how swamped with work they are. Not actually swamped with teaching work, but all of the extra bits that go with it. Luckily, Instagram users have been trying to make the life of a teacher easier by posting hacks to help teacher’s get their work done more easily – saving your sanity, your time and your cash.

Here are the top five hacks on Instagram that any teacher will appreciate.

Hack #1 – DIY Kleenex

The top item on every elementary school teacher’s wish list is Kleenex. Those little kids have a constant runny nose as well as constant tears to be wiped. It can be a real downer when parents forget to donate tissues to the classroom, because your entire budget goes on Kleenex, and you have to pay yourself for the actual teaching tools.

Grab an old candle holder, swipe a toilet roll from the school bathrooms and take out the cardboard. Find the end, pull it out the middle and stuff the roll into the candle holder. Voila, your very own (free) tissue dispenser.

Hack #2 – Paint Chips For Sight Words

Sick of buying colored card and chopping it into small pieces? Save time and money by popping to your local Home Depot and grab and a chunk of the cardboard paint color samples. They have three different tones on them, perfect for teaching three letter words.

Add one letter to each tone and you have little flashcards breaking up the letters so the kids can easily see them, copy them and learn them. The look nicer than regular cut down card too!

Hack #3 – Quick Scissor Clean

Constantly dealing with complains over scissors that won’t work because they are covered in glue and other gunk? Young kids have a hard enough time using scissors as it is, and you don’t want to dishearten them unnecessarily.

Bring the whole class of scissors home and lay them out on the bottom tray of your dishwasher, after one cycle they’ll be clean and will cut much more smoothly.

Hack #4 – Hang Nameless Work

Considering their name is the one word all Kindergarteners can spell, you’d think they’d be eager to add it to everything. And it’s drummed into them since Kindergarten to write their name on everything, yet throughout elementary school, there are always pieces of work every day that are nameless.

To save time, instead of having to ask every single day whose work it is, make a No Name sign with about five clothes pegs and simply hang the work up. Students can claim it themselves.

Hack #5 – Prevent Glue Clogs With Oil

School glue bottles are forever getting clogged up when the glue dries in the nozzle. Solve this problem with a little vegetable oil.

Dip the tops in vegetable oil, rinse them off, pat them dry with a towel and screw them back on. Simple as that and you’re never dealing with a clogged glue bottle again.

These are five of the best hacks to improve your life as an elementary school teacher, but there are so many more out there on Instagram! The social media giant is a great way to get quick hacks on how to improve on things you’re already doing, and adding your own hacks is a great way to get more followers on Instagram.