Navigating the world of Instagram can be tricky business. Some accounts have two followers, some two hundred, some two thousand and others two million. What makes them different from one another? Well, luckily Instagram has you covered. Here are five of the best hacks on Instagram, about how to maximise your experience using Instagram.

Hack #1 – Edit Filters

It is likely that you use the same filters over and over again, because keeping your feed beautifully curated means you need to have a certain tone and style. To save scrolling through every time, you can reorder filters and completely hide others.

Once you get the filter page when you’re creating a new post, scroll all the way to the right and click ‘Manage’. To hide the ones you don’t use, deselect the check mar, on the right. To reorder the ones you’re keeping, hold your finger down on the three grey lines and drag it to where you’d like it placed.

Hack #2 – Insert Line Breaks

You’re not alone if you get frustrated with no ‘return’ option when writing captions and your bio. Luckily, this one is a super quick fix. All you have to do it press the 123 key to the bottom left of the keyboard and a ‘return’ key magically appears at the bottom right.

Alternatively, write your caption in a notes app on your phone and paste it directly in!

Hack #3 – Hide Hashtags

Hashtags are essential on Instagram if you want to get more followers. However, it can look messy or spammy if you have too many right after your caption. Instagram only shows the first three lines of your caption, so by adding your hashtags after a long caption or by adding a few line breaks (see hack two), they will be effective but unseen.

Hack #4 – Mute Accounts

There might be some accounts you need to follow, or feel like you should follow, but you don’t actually want to see their content in your feed. If this is the case, you can mute them so you still follow them but their posts won’t appear in your feed.

Tap the … icon in the corner of any post from the account you are muting, and click mute. It’s as simple as that! You have options to just hide posts or Stories as well.

Hack #5 – Block Troll or Spam Comments

It’s possible to block comments based on certain keywords. This is very handy if you happen to have someone trolling you, or you’re getting a lot of Instabot comments.

On your profile page, select the gear icon on an Apple, or three dots on an Android and select Options. Then Comment Controls, select Hide Offensive Comments to ‘on’. This hides words that are frequently reported as offensive, and you can add your own list in as well. So if you’re noticing certain words or phrases being used from undesirable users, add them in here.

The difference between a hack and a strategy is that a hack is a simple tip on how to quickly improve something, giving you better results. It’s not part of a big masterpiece, it’s just one little thing you can do quickly in order to yield better results. Hopefully, these quick hacks should help you on your road to Instagram success.