Everyone who’s anyone uses Instagram, but not everyone knows how to use Instagram to its full reach. There are many secrets to boosting your growth that you may not be aware of, but you definitely should know about these Instagram growth hacks.

Tweak your notifications

Notifications aren’t just to alert you when someone has interacted with your account or posts. You can actually fiddle with the settings so you’re alerted when certain users you’re following post.

This is a really hot tip because if you post a comment in the first few minutes of it going live, an Influencer is way more likely to respond to it. And this will boost your comment above other people’s and potentially spark more interaction with your comment. The more people there are interacting with you, the more people who will be curious about who you are and perhaps pay your profile a visit and follow you. The more visible your comments are on bigger accounts, the more change you will get more followers.

Obviously, you don’t want alerts set for every single person you’re following, so keep it to a few Influencers in your niche that you want to get the attention of, or that of a particular brand or company you’re courting for a partnership deal.

To turn this feature on, visit the user’s profile, tap the three dots in the upper right corner, and select “Turn On Post Notifications” from the menu that appears.

Edit your Like history

Who says history can’t be rewritten? By clicking the Options menu in your own profile, tapping the gear icon (on Apple devices, three dots on Android), and finally opening up the “Posts You’ve Liked’ button you can see all of the posts you’ve liked in the past.

Now perhaps you once used a Liking bot in a bid to get some more interaction on your posts, and you don’t necessarily want those likes to hang around forever. What if someone happens to notice and it makes you seem inauthentic? Well, here you can choose any posts you’d like to unlike without the user being notified you’ve done so.

Manage multiple accounts

If you have to manage multiple accounts for work, or if you have a personal account separate from your blogger account, you can manage them all from one device.

In the Options menu, there is a choice to “Add Account” and you just need the username and password details to get started. This is a real timesaver as it means you don’t have to log out and log in every time you need to switch accounts.

Create Collections of Saved Posts

This is an especially handy secret to know if you so often see recipes or hacks you like but lose them once the day is out. First of all, click the save post flag option on the post you want to save. Once you have something to add to a Collection, go into your profile and click the icon on the bottom right of the page. and click “Create Collections”. You can label it accordingly and viola, anything useful you’ve seen on Instagram you can actually quickly find again.

Reorder filters

When editing your photos, click manage when you’re on the filters page. This allows you to reorder them according to which ones you use more frequently, making it quicker and easier than ever to post on Instagram.

These are just five of the secrets to using Instagram to its full potential. They will not only make it easier and quicker to use Instagram, but should have the end result of helping you to get more followers and likes, and help your business grow.