Instagram, or IG, is one of the most powerful social media platforms out there.  It is not only effective in showing exciting events and places, but also influencing people to make different life choices. Millennials make up the majority of users on this platform, but it is apparent that many different ages use it to compile imaginative photos and exchange products.

Instagram For Uploading Travel Photos

Many people use Instagram to upload and share their travel photos. Its photo filters are uniquely designed to help enhance travel photography, pushing them to upload more of their picturesque photographs. Aside from this, the use of travel hashtags for Instagram makes everything smooth because, just by clicking them, users can be transported to different worlds where they are inspired and motivated to travel as well.

The Most Popular Travel Hashtags for Instagram

  • #instagood – This is commonly used when the travel photo is of the highest caliber.
  • #travelgram – This hashtag has gained thousands of likes and organic followers from Travel and Photography enthusiasts.
  • #wanderlust – This is a trending hashtag of someone who has a strong desire to travel.
  • #photooftheday – Want to become famous? Use this hashtag to post a pic that makes you happy and wait for your likes to soar.
  • #traveldiary – Definitely a must-use hashtag to document your architecture travel, sceneries, and escapes.
  • #travelphotography – A well-known hashtag for uploading photos during travels.
  • #instapassport – This is used when you want to see unique perspectives from other travelers and vice versa.

Other hashtags that can be used are:

#travel #photography #instagood #love #nature #art #photographer #photo #landscape #trip #vacation #life #traveling #travelling #travelblogger #fashion #holiday #igtravel #wanderlust #mytravelgram #sunset #follow #travelingram #style #justtravelhere

More often, the same old travel hashtags for Instagram are not appropriate anymore. This can be due to overuse or they are over sensationalized to the point that its users are just utilizing them to gain likes and follows. Meanwhile, you may want to use less competitive travel hashtags like the ones below:

#travelingplanet #travelingislife #travelpicsdaily #travelvibes #travelquotes #exploretheglobe #postcardplaces #travelwell #travellingram #travelingsoul #travelstories #travelinstyle

These are the most popular travel hashtags for Instagram, but you can find more ideas using an  Instagram ashtag generator like

Advantages of Using Proper Travel Hashtags for Instagram

You have some amazing photos shared on your Instagram account, but the problem is you’re not getting as many likes as you think your photos deserve. Why are you not getting more likes and follows?

Good photos catch the eye of the users, but Instagram is a platform with millions of other incredible photos on. It’s easy to ignore content because your profile doesn’t have enough followers, or you’re not using the proper travel hashtags for Instagram.

It is very important that you take a look at the Instagram insights tool, especially if you want your uploaded photos to hit hundreds or thousands of likes. Travel hashtags are IG users access to a multitude of photos and information at their fingertips. With Instagram analytics, you can discover which hashtags are getting you the most engagement and adjust your social media marketing strategy accordingly.

Travel Hashtags for Instagram Can Get You Featured on the Top Search Result of Travel Photos

On the internet, in order for a page to reach that elusive number one spot, writers use insightful keywords. The same principle also applies to Instagram. Instead of using keywords, users are incorporating hashtags relative to their picture.

When the symbol “#” is used before a word, the word automatically turns into a link. Clicking the linked word will show top IG posts with the same hashtag. Proper travel hashtag usage in addition to a perfectly captured travel photo will surely land you on the top search result on Instagram.

There are also Instagram user accounts that can share your travel photos once you hashtagged them to get featured on their accounts. Examples are:

#travelandlife @travelandlife

#earthgallery @earthgallery

#awesome_earth @awesome_earth

#guardiantravelsnaps @guardiantravelsnaps

How to Generate Proper Travel Hashtags for Instagram

Not all travel hashtags for Instagram can generate hundreds of likes and followers. There are popular hashtags and there are unpopular hashtags. If you feel lost on what hashtags to use, or if you don’t know what to use at all, there are hashtag generators online that can help you out. Hashtags For Likes is a free hashtag generator with a really easy-to-use interface.

An Instagram hashtag generator can get you higher engagement and you will be more discoverable by people even if they don’t follow you. How?

  • Instagram users can follow hashtags now
  • Instagram users do not follow irrelevant hashtags
  • Instagram users can use hashtags on Instagram stories
  • Instagram users can add hashtag links on their bio
  • Instagram users can include up to 30 hashtags on a regular post
  • Instagram users can include up to 10 hashtags on a story

If you pay attention, nearly all Instagram travel photos have hashtags included in their description because a single hashtag can really attract new followers, get more likes, and increase engagement.

By simply putting #travel into a free hashtag generator you can see the highest performing and relevant Instagram hashtags.

How to Know if Your Travel Hashtag for Instagram is Effective or Not

In order for you to know if your travel hashtag is effective or not you need to switch to an Instagram business account. Once you have switched to a business profile, you will have access to Instagram Insights.

With this, you will be able to tell which hashtags made an impression and which hashtags have not made an impression. From there, you can begin to figure out which hashtag to use next time you post a travel photo. Instagram analytics can be really powerful when used proactively to get more followers.


Instagram is home to millions of travel photos. Every day its users are uploading travel photos to create a difference and engage with users around the world.

When someone wants to go to a certain destination, the probability of them checking out the place first is by searching Instagram. They search different travel hashtags on Instagram to send them directly to the travel photos they are looking for.

For an IG user, utilizing hashtags relevant to their photo is really important because they create engagement, likes, and followers. But not all hashtags are equally effective, some are already overused, and many users don’t follow them anymore, and some are just irrelevant to the travel photos.

Using proper travel hashtags for Instagram can be easily achieved using a hashtag generator. Aside from making your IG experience easier, these Instagram hashtag generators certainly know what hashtags are effective to use because they have a system that always updates according to the current Instagram hashtag trend. Plus, tagging Instagram travel accounts that share travel photos can help you gain more likes and followers.

The Most Popular Travel Hashtags For Instagram
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