Hashtags go in and out of style depending on the month, season and happenings of the year. It’s important to stay on top of the current hashtag trends because, in order to get more followers and build up your account, you need to know what Instagram hashtags other people are using, and more importantly, searching for.

There are approximately 95 million posts uploaded to Instagram each and every day. Hashtags are the main method of sorting out which photos to show which people. Instagram aims to deliver the content to the people interested in it, and hashtags act as a funnel. Everything is poured into the social media giant, and hashtags allow the relevant posts to trickle into the relevant searches and feeds. This ensures users are mainly seeing the content they are interested in.

Most Popular Hashtags

The most popular hashtags on Instagram cumulatively to date are mostly generic hashtags yielding a high number of search results.

They include:











Although it’s good to be aware of the most popular hashtags on Instagram, it’s more practical to learn about the most popular Instagram hashtags divided up by niche. The ultimate most popular hashtags are unlikely to help get your post seen because it will come up in a search with so many other posts, yours will quickly get bumped off the first page. If it even makes it on there quickly enough.

Fitness Hashtags 2019

These are the most popular hashtags within the Fitness niche on Instagram. It might be tempted to add in popular hashtags like #Instagood or #Happy but remember the reason for using hashtags is to get your post seen by interested users. The more generic the hashtag is, the less likely it is interested users will see it.














As you can tell, they are a lot more targeted towards users who are searching for fitness-oriented posts. Using these hashtags ensures that your post is appearing in relevant searches.

Fashion Hashtags 2019

The popular Instagram hashtags within the fashion niche are a mix of generic (#Model and #Look) and a little more specific (#FashionWeek2019). These can also be used as an inspiration for how to create more hashtags on Instagram. For example, if you couple #FashionWeek2019 with the city in which you are referring, and also which season it’s showcasing. Adding in the date (whether month or year) will make your hashtag more specific too, this will help users find your post more efficiently and also it will come up in hashtag searches yielding fewer results.














Food Hashtags 2019

Food is a big niche and as a result there are many creative Instagram hashtags dedicated to food. It’s probably a more productive strategy to forgo the use of general hashtags like #Food or #Yum. These don’t really add anything to your post and won’t have many benefits in terms of searchability because the results will be too vast. Take the hashtag #Cookbook2019, this is a great one because it’s referring to a specific aspect of food (a cookbook) and also adds the year, making it current and relevant to people searching for new cookbooks. #HealthyEating is a great example of how to narrow down your hashtag to the specific type of food you focus on.















Travel Hashtags 2019

It’s important to keep up to date with the hashtag trends in the travel niche because destinations can go in and out of style and different things at locations can crop up or become a hot topic. It’s also important to narrow down what type of travel account you run – is it a travel blogging account? An adventure travel account? A luxury travel account? Work travel?

Popular hashtags for 2019 within the travel niche are:
















Seasonal Hashtags 2019

Seasonal hashtags can be the same year-on-year, but sometimes do change a little depending on if anything new happens. For example, if Starbucks brings out a new Christmas drink, this is something that usually kicks off a new and hugely popular hashtag craze. The same as be said for an overly popular TV show, such as the hashtag #WinterIsComing. It started out as a phrase on Game of Thrones but is now a hashtag applied to wintery or ominous posts. Avoid using ones just simply stating the season or holiday, like #Christmas or #ValentinesDay.

Popular seasonal hashtags to keep in mind when deciding which hashtags to add to posts, especially if you want to mix it up and keep it current, are:















The Take Away

The hashtags marking the year 2019 are great to use or to add onto some of your other hashtags. People want to know where is good to vacation this summer, not where was good three years ago or an unknown number of years ago. They also like to know, and will be searching for, the type of travel your post revolves around. If they are interested in #Summer2019 and #AdventureSeeker it’s useful to have both tagged (if relevant, of course) because often users will search two hashtags to produce more relevant results.

Try and avoid using the most popular hashtags on Instagram, like #Love or #Happy because they won’t be beneficial to your Instagram growth in any way at all. Keep on top of the seasonal trends, and what is going on in the world to ensure your hashtags remain relevant to what people are searching for.

In the final six months of 2019, use this new found knowledge to boost the productivity of your Instagram hashtags. Try adding in an extra word to make your existing hashtags a little less generic, or add in 2019 to the hashtag to bring it up in the 2019 specific searches.

The Most Popular Hashtags of 2019
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The Most Popular Hashtags of 2019
Hashtags on Instagram are like fashion, the trends go in and out and circle back around. Here is a guide to the most popular hashtags in 2019.
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