Are you one of those people who wants to know how to get more followers on Instagram? How about 100 million of them? Sounds good, right? This is the dream of many, and one brand made it possible.

National Geographic, the first brand with more than 100 million Instagram followers. It’s popular, authentic and recognizable. Wait? Did we say authentic? Yes, that’s the key to their success. Let’s see why.  

A Different Approach in Posting Leads to More Instagram Followers

We are all used to the same approach to posting on Instagram. We have a picture, we compose a story and click the post button. But, there is so much more than that in the world of social media. So many options are possible, and the right brands use these opportunities to their advantage.

What National Geographic did was revolutionary – they allowed their photographers to have access to the account and post everything they believe will add some value.

This unique method of posting helped boost followers for them significantly. The brand turned out to be THE place to see beautiful images and captivating stories from around the world.

At the same time, they used Instagram Stories with a very short lifetime and these generated a strong impact on their community. While these changes may seem small, they led to National Geographic becoming the brand with the most followers on Instagram.

Strategies to Build a Fan Base

Did we say authenticity is the main hack here? It is more than simple stand-out-from-the-rest approach and consistent values. For Nat Geo, this meant including different kinds of people in the project. In this case, more than 130 photographers contributing to the page.

All of these photographers brought something unique and the page simply got more value. How is this possible? The photographers are real professionals and they know what Nat Geo is all about. The beautiful representation of nature and cultures from across the world was brought into one account.

They are not afraid to climb the Himalayas, chase the penguins on the North Pole or dive deep in the Pacific Ocean to catch the exciting world of whales. They are simply using their creativity to contribute to the page.

National Geographic also took one of their strategies from the business world and applied it to their account. The brand are always looking for fan contributions in competitions such as the National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year or their Photos of the Week section on their site. And their Instagram profile does the same.

How To Get More Followers Like National Geographic

Whilst some of these may be difficult it’s certainly worth looking into each option below:

• Create a team of professionals who can post regularly
• Focus on the goals and the real image of your brand
• Share more meaningful posts that showcase your brand for the better
• Get contributions from your community to increase engagement

The last part is the most interesting, and this is the secret that Nat Geo uses very often. They create contests all the time, and so many people are involved. All the way from Brazil to Australia, amateur photographers are contributing to the brand. They want to share some moments that are interesting and exciting at the same time.

All of these people do the same thing. They share their photographs and give Nat Geo’s managers more chances to promote some distant parts of the world or some animals that are rare and exotic.

This strategy is very successful, and many brands use it. Give people the reason to share their impressions about the world and praise them with a reward. You both win at the end of the game. As a brand owner, you will get tons of interesting material, and they, as contributors, will have an opportunity to win the contest. It’s a win-win strategy.

Something More Is Going On…

There is something else to mention that can give you a completely new perspective of the subject. One of the most important things in getting more Instagram followers is the overall brand awareness.

People are simply emotionally connected to some brands. They want to see what’s new, what’s going on within the page and how people react to the posts.

In this case, National Geographic is one of those magazines that has been around for years. Kids want their parents to subscribe to the magazine so they can see what’s new in the world of animals and nature. Adults are captivated by the pictures and stories.

They are all excited about the new things that come from the brand. This is where the secret lies. A more detailed approach to brand awareness will bring you more followers.

Find that secret code that brings people around your brand. Is it empathy, a passion for some area of life, or something unique that sets you apart? Find your secret weapon and use it to get more Instagram followers.