Having quality photos is a sure fire way to get more likes and followers on Instagram.

The math is simple – if people like your photos, they’ll want to see more and you have yourself a new follower.

Achieving excellent photos on Instagram doesn’t have to be difficult, there are plenty of apps that can help out even amateurs produce professional looking photos.

There are many free apps out there, which are great, but if you’re looking for more options and more flexibility, there are many low-cost apps available.

People use Instagram for different types of content, and of course not every app will be suited to every type of niche.

If you’re starting out and looking for a multi-purpose editing app, Pixelmator or Enlight are good choices.

For artistic Film Noir style photos, a very specific niche, try out Camera Noir.

Whatever you’re looking for, there is a photo editing app for you.

If you’re only just starting out, there are plenty of free editing apps you can try, but once you are ready for something more advanced, consider some low-cost options.

1. Pixelmator ($4.99)

A great choice for those who want lots of options and post a few different styles of content.

To get more likes and followers on Instagram, it’s wise to stick to a general theme and keep photos consistent.

They obviously don’t have to be identical, they just have to look good when being viewed next to each other.

Pixelmator actually allows you to design your own images as well as edit existing ones.

In addition to the usual photo filters and editing tools, it offers more advanced features like cloning parts of your photo and distort pictures in lots of ways.

This allows you to be really creative with your photos, potentially attracting a whole new Instagram following who enjoy seeing what you’ll do next.

Pixelmator also supports large file formats, a rarity in phone apps, so you can import edited images from Photoshop for further editing.

2. Enlight ($2.99)

Definitely a popular choice, ranked as the number one paid app in 121 countries, its features show its earned its spot.

Another great all-in-one choice, you can create collages, black and white shots or add artistic touches.

What sets it aside from other apps is that the built-in masking feature allows you to blend each tool into the photo perfectly.

3. Mextures ($1.99)

We all enjoy Instagram’s own filters, but the Mextures app lets you create your very own filter.

How’s that for making your profile stand out from the rest? Think of all the new followers you’ll get after creating the absolute perfect filter for your images.

With over 150 textures and 30 editing tools to choose from, it’s an Instagrammers dream.

The app also lets you layer as many filters and effects as you want on each image.

4. Facetune ($3.99)

If your account posts a lot of photos of real people or close-ups of faces, Facetune is worth considering.

Research shows that Instagram posts with faces are more popular than other posts; they get 38% more likes on Instagram and 32% more comments.

So if you’re looking for ways to boost engagement, and it fits with your niche, try adding in more faces to your posts.

The Facetune app can help make faces look flawless by beautifying every detail in the face with features like widening your smile, accentuating eyes and filters you can customize.

5. Typic ($3.99)

This is one of the best tools for adding text into your Instagram posts.

With over 500 design elements, 165 fonts and almost 100 filters, Typic can help create the perfect Instagram post.

Adding text to your images or videos on Instagram can be helpful if you want to draw users’ attention to something, use a hashtag or add any labels or subtitles.

6. Camera Noir ($0.99)

Instagram users looking for a professional edge to their photos.

Purely for black and white photos, this is a specialty option for an artistic niche.

Very easy to use, you can edit a photo you’ve taken already or take a photo within the app and adjust the ISO, exposure and shutter speed.

Editing features include 35mm film grain and Classic Film Stock Emulations.

The first choice for those accounts wanting to transport their followers back in time.

7. ProCamera+ HDR ($4.99)

Taking great photos, and creating quality content is the best way to improve your performance on Instagram.

This app boasts almost all the same options as a fancy DSLR camera, expanding your iPhone camera capabilities beyond recognition.

You can take 4K and HD videos at frame rates of 24fps to 240fps, and you can take footage in dark rooms with the lowlight setting.

A great choice for those wanting to create the highest quality of iPhone photography.

8. Camera+ ($2.99)

In addition to all of the tools you’d expect as standard, cropping, retro effect and color tints, what makes this app worth a shout out are the stabilizer feature, zoom function and Clarity function.

The image stabilizer focuses your camera to obtain the sharpest possible photo even before you take the photo.

There is a 6x zoom and the Clarify filter goes above and beyond enhancing the qualities of your photo.

Finding the right app for you might take a few attempts but once you’re creating high-quality Instagram posts, it’ll be worth the time and energy.

Followers will be eagerly anticipating your next post, bumping up your likes and engagement, increasing your visibility on Instagram and growing your following.

Start with a great all-in-one editing tool and as you become more confident, branch out into something more focused on your niche.