Instagram has become a platform for people with the right motivation and content to thrive on.

And traveling accounts are no exception.

In fact, posts with a location tag get 79% more engagement than those without showing that users really care about where you’re posting from.

As a niche that is already pretty full up with professional photographers for National Geographic, or Influencers having holidays paid for them, how do you find somewhere to fit in and leverage off this niche’s popularity?

People are always going to want to look at travel photos, whether it’s to plan a next adventure or just to daydream about places the world has to offer, travel posts will always be popular.

So here are some unique ways you can fit yourself into this niche and get more followers for your account:

Unique Architecture

Ok, you’re probably thinking that you’ve seen loads of posts of buildings around the world but let’s not look at the big touristy buildings and let’s focus on the really unique aspects of a country’s architecture.

For example, ihavethisthingwithfloors has amassed over 800k followers just by taking photos of floors around the world!

Why not a sister account about doors or fences or rooftops?

There are plenty of quirky aspects of buildings or even before they’ve been built.

A focus on how different countries construct their churches, houses or office blocks can stir up a bit of interest.

When you see workers 300ft in the air on bamboo poles, or making a house just from the resources in your back garden, it definitely makes you want to see more!

You don’t even need to travel yourself.

You can ask for submissions from your followers from where they are and feature them on your page.

This way you engage your followers and encourage more interaction – this gets your page and posts featured more often because of the Instagram algorithm and, in turn, will get more followers and likes on your content.

Alternative Backpackers Accounts

We know there are plenty of backpacker accounts out there – people discovering new cultures and experiences whilst they are still young.

There are plenty of different ways to showcase this lifestyle.

Instead of focusing on the same places that every backpacker goes to, why not focus on the experience of backpacking itself and the tips and hacks you’ve discovered?

This could be showing how you packed your backpack at the start of your journey compared to what you actually needed, or innovative ways you have dealt with dorms full of people snoring and getting up at 4am to leave.

More and more people are leaving the homes to travel and there are also older audiences now doing the same routes they were never able to do in their twenties.

You could focus on luxury backpacking for those with more money, backpacking with kids, or backpacking in retirement!

All of these niches allow you to engage with other backpacker accounts about their experiences and how they would do things differently, or just to get some of their photos featured on your page.

Following other accounts and engaging other users is the best way to get more followers.

Movie Locations

With so many huge international blockbusters hitting the movie screens, people want to travel and see where their favorite movies were filmed.

By showcasing the best public sets people can visit, you’ll be bringing in travel enthusiasts as well as movie buffs to view your account.

Places such as New Zealand have a wealth of locations such as Hobbition and all the outdoor locations for the huge landscapes seen in Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit.

Using hashtags for the movies, travel hashtags, geo-location tags and popular travel photography hashtags will bring in followers from all over.

Taking requests from your followers to showcase their favorite movie locations helps to engage people and will help you get more followers and increase the chance of being featured.

Find A Niche Within A Niche

Hopefully these ideas will help kickstart your imagination into discovering a new niche within the travel sphere on Instagram.

You don’t even need to be a traveler yourself!

Posting about other countries and what they have to offer appeals to people’s sense of adventure.

Asking other accounts for submissions and contributions helps keep people engaged and interacting with your account.

Remember to keep the quality of your posts high and consistently add more material.

Keeping engagement high will help your new account to get featured and, in turn, get more followers and likes.