Instagram has become a platform for businesses to thrive on, and with one billion active monthly users, it’s no surprise!

It may feel like your market is oversaturated but we’re going to look at the most popular topics on Instagram and explore the potential niches within them to grow your account and get more followers and likes.

Probably one of the most prominent parts of Instagram, with an average organic reach of 3.1 million accounts, the Health and Fitness market is huge.

With the prevalence of junk food, sitting at desks all day, stress, and health problems these days, people are always looking to improve their bodies, weight, and mental health.

Whilst it’s definitely filled with a lot of different accounts, this is a topic that people will always be interested in so the best time to set up a health or fitness account is now!

So here are some of the different sub-categories you can look at to start boosting your Instagram followers.

Weight Loss

Everyone wants to look great and feel good about themselves.

This is one of the most popular areas so try to focus on areas that people are looking for but not getting from existing accounts.

Whether it’s using research articles to back up your weight loss claims or fun new ways to lose weight whilst with the kids.

Weight Gain

On the other side, some people may be looking to bulk up to gain some muscle and advice on how to put on weight in a healthy way can go a long way. Alternatively, some users may be recovering from illness or injury and looking to get back to a normal weight.


Being in peak physical condition is a goal many people aspire to achieve.

Focusing on the niches within this like the best supplements, the science behind muscle hypertrophy, or the best new exercises to focus on growing your glutes can satisfy some of those unmet needs of the Instagram masses.


Creating new workouts or combinations of unusual exercises is a great way to entice people in and get more followers for your account.

Using household items or park playgrounds as gym equipment could be a new novel profile.


Whether it’s helping people count their macros, showing some of the best recipes you’ve come up with or how to meal prep for the week effectively, diet is a great niche.

There are a lot of resources you can draw from and a lot of areas to explore.

Mental Health

This has become a major talking point in recent years, with people becoming more open and accepting of discussing mental health.

The constant pressure of everyday living, relationships, and diagnosed disorders gets to everyone.

In this niche, you can inspire and motivate people, share your own experiences and reach out to those that need it.

Bodyweight Training

The focus on being able to train without the need for equipment has increased in popularity massively.

Whether it’s doing muscle-ups at the park, pistol leg squats or learning to do the splits, there’s plenty to explore and focus on.

Body Acceptance

Whilst a lot of people focus on changing their body, others can be perfectly happy with what they’ve got.

Another big topic in recent years, why not celebrate the dad bod or the mummy tummy showing how you don’t need to radically alter your life to be happy.

These are just a few of the niches that are out there waiting to be filled.

Ensure you are posting high quality content, using the right hashtags for your niche, posting consistently and engaging with your fans and you are sure to get more followers and likes to grow your Instagram profile to new heights.