Instagram has become a platform for businesses to thrive on – over 200 million users visit at least one business profile every day with 80% of users following one or more business profiles.

It may feel like there aren’t many opportunities to get into those popular areas of Instagram but we’re going to show you how to utilise niches within the biggest categories and get more followers and likes for your account.

The beauty and makeup industry is huge on Instagram with brand such as MAC Cosmetics having over 20 million followers.

It’s not just for businesses or makeup and hair stylists, everyday people are looking to improve their beauty regimes or figure out how to get a particular look and that’s what makes the potential here so huge.

This will always be an area that has lots of entrants, so making a unique and high-quality profile is very important.

Fitting into an untapped niche to get more followers will give you an advantage over others trying to break into the already full market.

Here are some of the different sub-categories you can look at to start boosting your Instagram followers:

Makeup Tutorials

Ok sure, there are a lot of these out there already but there are lots of ways to twist these into new variations.

Keep up with the latest fashion shows and celebrity Instagram profiles and create posts showing how to get the look as soon as they are out.

A combination of cutting-edge content and piggybacking off already popular accounts will help to propel your account forwards.

Remember to tag the accounts you’ve used as inspiration, post comments and use hashtags to increase the visibility of your posts to get more followers and likes on your posts.

Healthy skin regimes

People are always trying to find new ways to keep their skin looking their best.

Whether you choose to focus on the latest Korean 10 step programs, revolutionary scientific treatments or this summer’s new MAC line, focus on a unique selling point to make your account stand out.

Maybe focus on an untapped market of teenage boys, or men trying to keep their beards and skin moisturized.

Costume/Fancy Dress Hairstyles

Instead of showing people how to make their hair look great for their prom or wedding days, help them get that ridiculous hair style from their favorite movie.

Whether it’s David Bowie in Labyrinth or Mugatu from Zoolander, figure out how to style it and sow your followers how they can look like the dwarves from the Hobbit too.

Remember to use those other Instagram profiles and hashtags to your advantage by commenting on other posts, tagging them and using the right branded hashtags.

SFX and Body Art

There have been a couple of stand-out SFX artists featured on Instagram but despite their popularity there is still a lot of room in this market.

Profiles such as EllyCatt have less than 100k followers and getting 10k likes per post.

This is good but there’s a lot of room for improvement.

Tagging and linking to brands, increasing visibility by collaborating with Influencers, commenting on relevant posts and engaging users will make your profile stand out.

Scar/birth mark cover up

A very niche area of Instagram but this is what makes it so good.

Finding very specific areas will target your audience – this makes it easier for them to find you and for you to find them.

Make sure to research the right hashtags relevant to this field, whether it’s scar or birth coverups, smoothing out burns or making tattoos less visible for formal events.

Drag or specialist makeup

With the popularity of shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race and all the imitations and conventions that have come up, dressing in drag has not only become more accepted but something people want to be the best at and engage in.

Why not show your skill at transforming guys into fabulous drag queens or girls into kings and helping others to achieve that look?

Leveraging off the popularity of RuPaul or DragCon with account tags, geo-tags and hashtags will propel your posts into featured lists and get more likes and followers for your account.

DIY products

All these other niches focus on making someone look better or different with the use of readily available cosmetics.

Instead of tutorials on using the products, why not make your own and show other people how to do so?

You could even make your own versions of the most popular cosmetics at lower prices, using the power of these similar products to increase visibility of your own posts.

As well as creating niches within the Beauty and Makeup category, remember to utilize the popularity of the other accounts within your niche and the wider reach of other big profiles.

Branded hashtags are huge, and whilst using hashtags with too many uses (think over 1 million) can sometimes get your post lost in the crowd, posting at the right times will let people following those brands see your posts in their feeds.

Combine this with tagging other accounts for features, commenting on relevant posts, and geo-tagging your posts to the right locations for the best visibility and account growth.

Being proactive can rapidly get Instagram followers and likes from real people already engaged in your niche.