Instagram revolutionized the fitness industry in ways we would not have thought possible. For proper creation of awareness of your brand or idea, Instagram hashtags are the way to go.

Fitness instructors and even nutritionists use Instagram as their primary marketing platform. It is virtually impossible to gain any engagement on Instagram without using hashtags.

Posts with hashtags get more engagement by up to about 13% than those without. From this, you can see that the use of hashtags is almost mandatory for anyone wishing to popularize their idea and create awareness of their brand.

Make Use Of Instagram Hashtag Generators

Seriously, they’re here to make your life easier.

With the increase in popularity of Instagram, came the numerous websites offering a free hashtag generator service to users. These people obviously saw the power of hashtags and the influence they have, so why don’t you?

There are many such websites at your disposal. We understand that devising an Instagram tag may be difficult and that is why we recommend the use of hashtag generators. An Instagram hashtags generator goes a long way to help you determine the effective hashtags for your content.

Using these services are pretty simple and straightforward. All you have to do is type in a few key words and voila! You will get a list of the most popular tags related to your search.

Depending on the website you use, you can get up to 30 suggestions of the tags related to your search. But before you randomly pick an Instagram tag, there are crucial considerations you should keep in-check. The hashtag you select has to be relevant. Popular or meaningless hashtags will not do you any good. They have to be relevant to attract your target audience.

Reach Your Target Audience

Hashtags on Instagram are crucial for marketing your fitness brand or business. They act like funnels, narrowing down the search to reach a specific audience. The hashtags you use will help you reach your target audience, and attract more followers to your brand. You will also develop a more positive and visible brand.

To know which tags to use, it is essential to understand how Top Posts are generated on the platform. Instagram uses an algorithm to generate the Top Posts. Top Posts will be visible to everyone once they search Instagram for the related hashtag. It ranks posts related to the hashtags used.

Top Posts are those that generated the most engagement, likes, and comments. For anyone with a fitness business, it is your goal to get your posts into the Top Posts and increase your ranking.

The easiest way is by using less popular but more targeted hashtags. Seems odd, right? Very popular tags have a lot of competition, and it can be a daunting task to get a high ranking especially if you don’t have enough followers.

On the other hand, less popular hashtags have great potential. You can quickly get more likes and comments that will boost your ranking. Using more niche hashtags will focus your efforts on those who are genuinely interested in what you have to say.

The number of hashtags you decide to use is also a vital factor that will contribute to popularizing your idea. You can use as many as 30 tags on one post, but it is not advisable. Sometimes less is more. Using too many hashtags will make your post look spammy. You can use on average 3-6 hashtags to make your posts more readable; make sure they don’t exceed 10. They also have to be easy and relatively short.

The Most Popular Fitness Hashtags on Instagram

Fitness is also a mental journey as much as it is a physical journey. Therefore, words are very influential. Most fitness hashtags are fun and motivational. Here is a list of the most popular hashtags on Instagram.

  • #fitnesslife
  • #fitnessfreaks
  • #fitness
  • #fitnessfun
  • #fitnessmotivation
  • #fitnessaddict
  • #fitnessjourney
  • #fitnesstips
  • #fitnessgoal
  • #fitnesslove
  • #fitnessbody
  • #fitnessfood
  • #fitnesslover
  • #fitnesswomen
  • #fitnessforlife
  • #fitnesslifestyle
  • #fitnessgirl
  • #fitnessmodel
  • #fitnesstrainer
  • #fitnessgear
  • #fitnessinspiration

These are just a few of the most popular hashtags. The list is endless. To make your work easier, you can make use of the Instagram search feature to get the most popular fitness hashtags. The Instagram hashtag search provides a long list from which you can select the most suitable for your niche.

So What’s Next?

Having the right hashtag is not enough. You also know where to place them. They should ideally not be placed with the caption. You should put them in the first comment after the caption.

After posting, you can analyze the hashtags you used to determine their effectiveness. You only need to switch your profile to an Instagram business account. Analyzing the performance of your fitness hashtags with Instagram Insights gives you an idea of what works best for you.

These are among the best assessment tools that will help you master your key marketing metrics outside of the native Instagram analytics provided by Insights.

Why Not Make the Most of the Platform?

The biggest difference between successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs is not necessarily their hard work but their ability to seize and utilize opportunities. This is why, as a fitness business owner, you have to recognize the importance of hashtags and use them extensively.

The Instagram online platform is a powerful marketing tool at your disposal, so make the best out of the channel. Though getting the hang of it may be difficult at first, it is all worth it.

Final Word

Instagram hashtags have significantly revolutionized the online marketing industry. You can now have easy access to your target audience which increases your efficiency by more than 40%.

Learning to use tags is imperative for any business to be successful. The right fitness hashtags will give you great engagement and visibility on the online platform due to the current increase in popularity. You can make use of free hashtag generators in several different ways to get the best results. Master their use and watch your fitness business grow beyond your highest expectations. It’s that simple.

The Best Fitness Hashtags For Instagram
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The Best Fitness Hashtags For Instagram
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