Getting more likes and followers on Instagram isn’t necessarily a good thing if the likes and follows are coming from users completely irrelevant to who you are aiming for.

If you’re using Instagram for business, you’ll ideally have a similar audience on Instagram to everywhere else in order to maximize your sales.

If users merely like your photos of the beach but aren’t actually interested in buying the surfboards you’re selling, it means your marketing strategy needs tweaking.

It’s okay to have these people enjoying your posts, but you also want to be appealing to the people who will actually make you money and buy your surfboards.

Who Views Your Account?

The audience tab within Instagram Insights will answer this question.

Here you can track follower growth and learn specific details about your individual users.

The platform gives you details about which cities and countries your followers are from, the ages of your followers as well as the percentage of men and women that are following you.

This is really valuable information and can help you truly understand who is looking at your account, and what type of person is interested in what you are posting.

Who Do You Want Your Audience To Be?

Sometimes, there can be a discrepancy between who is actually viewing your account and who you want to be viewing your account.

If you’re a watch company targeting middle-aged businessmen, but you discover through Insights that your Instagram account audience is teenage girls, you might have to take a serious look at your marketing strategy.

This is an issue if you’re using Instagram as a way to make sales on your watches, but the people who buy your watches aren’t following your Instagram activity and so you’re not making any sales.

However, it can go the other way and open up a whole new audience.

Use Insights to determine if your followers are actually clicking through to your website, adding items to carts or making purchases.

If none of this is happening, it’s a problem. I would recommend using an Instagram management service to help grow your following.

If it turns out the teenage girls are buying your watches, then you might be opening yourself up to a whole new audience, which is brilliant and you can adjust your marketing strategy to target both markets.

How To Use This Information

Now you know who is viewing your account, you have to take action.

If you are a beauty brand aimed at young women, and you’ve discovered that nearly all of your followers are women in the exact age range you wanted to target, this is a great start.

From here you can really focus on appealing to young women in every post, without having to worry about appealing to the masses. Your research can focus purely on what makes young women tick and build your Instagram account from there.

If you’ve found discrepancies in who is viewing your account and who you thought was viewing your account, you will have to research your ideal target audience and make some tweaks.

Firstly, try checking out accounts similar to yours that have a similar target audience, see what types of things they are posting, and compare it to your posts.

Try out different types of posts that are like the ones you’ve researched and then look on Insights to see if the activity on your posts has changed.

The Content tab in Insights will help you out with this task. Here it gives information about how individual posts are performing, from the level of engagement to the types of results they’re yielding. The content with the most impressions will appear at the top, but you can reorder this to show top performing posts by action driven in the following categories:

  • Comments
  • Emails
  • Calls
  • Engagements
  • Follows
  • Get directions
  • Impressions
  • Likes
  • Profile visits
  • Reach
  • Saved
  • Texts
  • Website clicks

As you can see, the scope for information here is huge.

You can see exactly what people are using each type of post for.

You can also filter these results into photos, videos, carousel posts and shopping posts to get a feel for what type of reaction you’re getting for each type of post.

Try and spot trends with your top performing posts and use this information for future posts.

Checking Changes Are Successful

In the Activity section of Insights, you can compare how your posts have done in comparison with past posts.

This is a good tool if you’re trying to focus your target audience to be more specific.

If your audience isn’t who they should be, after you’ve experimented and have decided how to change up your account, use the Activity tab to monitor any changes in your audience activity.

You’ll be able to see if your current posts are getting more click-throughs to your website or more users asking for directions to your store (indicating they are more of a targeted audience rather than a curious bystander, just enjoying your Instagram posts).

These tips will help you maximize the efficiency of your Instagram marketing strategy and lead to a boost in likes, followers and new sales!