One of the most basic rules of being successful on Instagram is to pick a niche for your account and stick to it.

Chances are that with any niche, you’re attracting a very specific group of people who will be a more loyal following.

In order to grow your Instagram presence, using Insights to gain information on your audience is a great way to start.

Define Your Audience

Finding out who your audience on Instagram is, is very important for growing your number of followers and likes.

Once you know who they are, you can tailor your posts to cater specifically to them.

As your brand grows, you may find that your audience keeps evolving as you attract more people, so you should be constantly re-evaluating.

Use the Insights Audience tab to pinpoint the main bulk of your followers.

Are they American college-age females or British elderly women? Are they middle-aged Chinese men or tween girls from Japan?

On top of this, you can use the more extensive Insights on Facebook to find out users’ relationship status, interests, and opinions on certain topics.

Read through the comments on your Instagram posts to find out what’s important to them.

Who is driving the conversations on your posts, what are they saying and how is everyone else responding to this?

Look at how they are reacting to your posts, and how it is driving the discussion.

Is there anything you could expand on, or do you need to change the conversation?

Appealing To Your Niche

Once you’ve identified the primary qualities and personas in your target audience, tailor your Instagram activity to these participants in order to make them relevant and maximize engagement.

It could be that you’ve found out your main followers are female, college-age athletes who love dogs, yoga and date nights, they talk about pets, family, fellow team members and don’t like poor product quality, traffic or early morning practices.

Or perhaps you have a mass following of active females in their 40s and 50s who talk about golf, marathons and their kids, they love their local city, local sports team, and trips but do not like hidden fees, confusing golf courses, and holiday weight gain.

These topics will give you an idea of images to post and what types of captions to include in order to appeal to your niche audience and boost your likes and follower instagram growth.

For example, a good Instagram Stories idea for your female, college-aged athletes could include something about a romantic date night doing yoga at sunset; or a joke about studying or getting up early.

Speaking their language is another good way to appeal to your niche and increase engagement on your posts.

If you’re catering to tween girls who are Justin Bieber fanatics, a formal tone probably isn’t going to catch their attention; just like using flowery emojis when appealing to male sports car fans won’t connect with them.

Here is another great example of cbdtrust who target specific to their target audience raising awareness of the benefits of CBD, they using health emojis on their uploads to appeal to their audience.

This is about adjusting your tone as well as using the types of words and phrases they do.

One way to find these things out is to speak directly with your customers and listen to the language they use to describe your products, and then incorporate it into your marketing.

Strategy Confirmation

After you’ve tweaked your Instagram posts to try and cater more specifically to your niche audience, keep checking back with Insights to see how the changes are affecting your engagement.

The Activity tab will help you see if you’ve made effective changes by enabling you to compare the popularity of your current posts and previous posts.

The main takeaways are to get into your niche audience psyches and tap into everything they like and dislike on a day to day basis while appealing to their more generalized interests in a tone similar to how they would speak themselves.

Following these steps will help you grow a more engaged and loyal audience and get more likes and followers.