Everyone wants to love and be loved, which is why Instagram accounts focusing on relationships are successful. Selecting a niche, or a theme, for your Instagram account is imperative to your success in growing your number of followers. Learn how to get Instagram followers with our guide below.

Types of Relationships

There are different types of relationships you can focus on, from personal or business, to romantic or friendship, to mentors or spiritual relationships. Once you’ve chosen, you then need to think about the purpose of your account – guidance, counseling, inspiration, or to sell your product or service.

Once your theme and purpose have been set, you can move forward with learning how to get Instagram followers.

Use Tags

Whether tagging other users or using geo-tagging, tag away! Tags are a great way to get noticed and get more followers. Tagging other people makes them feel grateful for the shout out and thus more likely to follow you than if you hadn’t tagged them, it also brings you to their attention. Getting yourself seen is the key to getting more followers.

With that in mind, always tag your posts with a location as well. It’s just another way to get yourself seen. When anyone searches for the location, or clicks through to the location from another post, your post might come up in the feed.

Use Instagram Hashtags

Add them to your Instagram posts to make them visible to people searching, and search for them to find potential new followers.

Hashtags to use within this niche include:

#relationship #love #couple #relationshipgoals #life #follow #girlfriend #quotes #boyfriend #goals #cute #beautiful #iloveyou #feelings #instagood #poetry #instagram #couplegoals #girl #happy #lovequotes #forever #relationshipquotes #bae #instalove #girls #like #kiss

Schedule Instagram Posts

Using readily available scheduling services can really help boost followers on Instagram. It can be time-consuming to post regularly and organizing posts in advance can be an efficient way to manage your time. Accounts with the most followers tend to post at least once a day, so if you can have this completed in advance, you can focus on other things, and leave spontaneous posting for special events, like a one-off convention you’re attending.

Mix Up Content

With a niche like ‘relationships’, it’s easy to mix up content while keeping it high-quality. Posts can range from inspirational quotes and memes to photos and videos of different types of relationships, group therapy sessions, workshops, conferences and even Q+A sessions on Stories.

Offering a range of content is a wonderful way to keep it fresh so your audience remains interested, as well as tempting new users to follow you. The relationship niche is an excellent theme to do this with, but always keep in mind the necessity of maintaining relevance. All content must still be interesting and relevant to your focus, as well as high-quality.

Learning how to get followers is easy once you’ve mastered the beginning steps. Create a specific focus for your Instagram account, create high-quality content, post said content daily, making sure it’s searchable by using hashtags, tags and geotags wherever possible.