Or at least making friends with people who have a huge number of followers on Instagram.

Befriending Influencers can help you use Instagram to build your business more quickly.

The users receiving a huge number of comments and likes on each Instagram post are the ones you want to become friends with. Come out of the shadows and into the spotlight with them -popularity is catching.

Online friendship is both similar and different to real life. You have to put in some genuine effort, but this is effort you can make from the comfort of your bed or your couch.

You don’t have to wine and dine them or listen to them endlessly drone on about themselves all day at the office, a few well thought out online interactions will do the trick.

Buy What They Have To Offer

Influencers have a lot of people trying to get their attention. A savvy way to make them pay attention to you is to buy the service they offer, for example, a private coaching session or some Influencers even offer Skype calls to their fans.

However you manage it, once you have them listening to you, use the time wisely and ask as many thoughtful questions as you can to demonstrate your interest in them, and that you’re eager to learn.

Research and Review

Carefully consider what advice Influencers are giving, follow it and report back on the results.

If you can get other involved and create a mini case study, even better. Report back either by commenting on their posts, direct message or tagging them in your own post.

Hopefully, by telling them you loved their advice and/or product, they’ll see it as an endorsement and the start of a relationship with you.

They are also likely to spread the word of your success, because it’s promotion for them, and it is also promotion for you.

Flattery Gets You Everywhere

Mention them on your website or blog, ensuring you include a link to their website.

Once you add it to social media, be sure to tag them to bring it to their attention.

If they love the article and their mention in it, they’ll be likely to share it and you’ll find yourself with new readers and hopefully new Instagram followers.

Break The Inner Circle

Research the Influencers you want to befriend and look at who they are friends with.

See who they interact with, note any users who are slightly less popular than the Influencer, and strike up a conversation with them.

The food chain of bloggers and trendsetters can be climbed by befriending the right people, slowly work your way up each rung to immerse yourself in their inner circle.

The ideal outcome is that you’ll start getting more traffic from those on the lower rung, but eventually you’ll be introduced to the Influencer you have your eye on, and it’ll seem like a natural friendship.

Once you’ve managed to develop relationships with Influencers, you can continue to increase your followers on Instagram by building on this with partnerships and collaborations.

You might find you could team up for marketing campaigns and really help each other out to grow and expand your businesses.