How do you add more photos to your Instagram posts?

Instagram’s Carousel feature, that’s how.

The social media world breathed a sigh of relief when Instagram introduced this feature back in 2017.

Now instead of having to choose just one photo to represent everything you needed to say, you can select up to 10 photos to use in one upload.

Quality Or Quantity?

It’s still important to ensure everything you post on Instagram is of high-quality.

Don’t post 10 photos of the same thing, because you couldn’t choose which one was the best.

Use this feature wisely, to showcase aspects of your brand you wouldn’t otherwise if you were limited to one photo.

For example, you’re a food blogger and you just visited a huge food and drink expo.

You want to share everything you ate but don’t want to upload a ton of individual posts but it’s so relevant to your niche you don’t want it to disappear after 24 hours if you post it to your Stories.

The ability to add the top 10 photos of your foodie experience in one post is perfect, you’re not leaving anything out, you’re not spamming your followers’ feeds and your photos are there on your feed forever for everyone to enjoy.

Try Something Different

Some brands have been really creative with the Carousel feature in a bid to increase consumer interaction.

Sandwich company Subway experimented with slicing a photo up so consumers had to swipe across to complete the image.

The connected photos encourage users to scroll through the post, and as they do they were exposed to different daily Subway deals.

Themed Carousel Posts

Take a theme, for example, National Ice Cream Day and have fun with it by posting a collection of photos relating to your brand and the theme.

A clothing company could, for example, post photos of clothes in classic ice cream colors or photos of models donning their clothes while eating ice cream.

The timely posts integrate buzz while keeping the product front and center.

Tell A Story

Stories aren’t just for Stories.

With Carousel Posts you can use the 10 photos to go behind the scenes and show so much more than you could with just one photo.

A bakery could show the step-by-step stages of making their most popular cake, or a chocolate brand could show the stages of how their chocolate is made, from picking the cocoa beans all the way to designing packaging for the bars.

These photos on their own might be a bit boring but when on a Carousel Post, they can be used as just one piece to create more in-depth content.

Tutorials And How To Videos

The video limit may still be the same (15 seconds), but by allowing you to post a series of 10 clips it opens more doors with regards to content choice.

Previously, you couldn’t add full tutorials to your regular Instagram feed because of the time restrictions, now by reminding users to swipe, you can include 10 steps in any tutorial or how to video.

Uploading multiple pictures and videos to Instagram is so easy to do, literally just the click of a button.

It opens up so many more creative ways to interact with your audience and allows a greater flexibility for your content. Why not test out an Instagram Carousel Post today?