Instagram takeovers are when one Instagram user operates another user’s account for a set time period.

They are usually used for cross-promotion to help build brand awareness, get new followers on Instagram or help promote a new product or offer.

Takeovers also cultivate good-faith relationships between Influencers and brands, which help further down the road when trying to strike up paid partnerships.

While it might seem easier to host guests on your Instagram account, it can be pretty beneficial to become a guest yourself.

Why not represent your own brand through an Instagram guest takeover?

The same partnership options are available to you as when you host a takeover, look to Influencers in your niche, an important community member, another company or co-worker.

Guesting on someone else’s account is a fantastic way to broaden your reach to a whole new audience that has already been built by someone else.

Pitch Yourself

Often brands will invite Influencers to takeover their Instagram account, however, that isn’t always the case.

Before approaching anyone, start off by ensuring you have a high-quality Instagram feed with exemplary content that is both interesting and relevant.

From here, start researching accounts you would be interested in taking over.

Follow them on Instagram and interact with their posts, after you’ve established a relationship with them, approach them about a takeover.

Be Clear On The Plan

The Instagram host will either give you instructions for the ‘job’ or you’ll collaborate and agree together.

Either way, before you start posting on their behalf, make sure you are clear on details like the dates, times and account log-in details.

Be sure to go over any goals they have in mind for the takeover, such as the preferred content, time of posts and if they want them posted via their regular feed, on Stories and if there are looking for Live broadcasts.

Takeover Hashtags

Some Instagram users might have ideas on branded hashtags specifically for the takeover, or a hashtag they generally use for all takeovers.

As a guest, you can also come up with a custom hashtag to invite your fans to use when sharing something.

This can indicate to a brand that you’re a strong social media partner, especially if the hashtag is creating a lot of user-generated content for them.

Announce and Promote

Most commonly the host of the takeover initiates announcements, and then as the guest, you can either repost the announcement or create one of your own.

This encourages your existing followers to head over to the account you’re taking over, hopefully boosting engagement levels.

The Takeover

The first post should be something to introduce yourself to your new audience.

This isn’t the time to promote yourself, but to explain who you are and your relationship to the host.

You can also repost the introduction to your Instagram account to entice your existing fans to follow your takeover.

The most productive and organized way to approach a takeover is to be prepared.

Think about the host’s goals and take photos and videos in advance to use during the takeover.

This way you can also have captions, tags, and hashtags ready, as well as pre-editing your photos for the highest quality content.

If you are using Live broadcasts, you obviously can’t pre-record them but you can prepare for them and rehearse them.

Know exactly what you’re going to do and say during the broadcast, practice, and also have any props you’ll be using on hand.

Content Ideas

You may have as little as 24 hours to showcase your best self during your takeover, so there is a little pressure to make it impressive.

The better your takeover, the more new followers you’ll get.

If you’re wondering what types of content you could be posting, here are some ideas.

Go behind-the-scenes, interview people, ask a question to drive engagement, share expert tricks or insider advice, include your family, co-workers or community members, run question and answer sessions or broadcast how-to sessions.

Wrapping Up

Ensure you thank your audience and host for having you and don’t forget to invite them to follow you on your account by adding in a clickable handle.

It’s advisable to also post a thank you on your own channel in case anyone forgot to tune in, to drive them to check out your takeover as a final bid to increase engagement levels.

Before you log out, don’t forget to like and respond to any comments you received on your takeover posts as this will help secure new relationships and potentially help to get new followers on your account.

Follow up with your host as well, for good measure.

It’ll make a good impression, you’ll be able to discuss successes and results, and possibly even future takeovers.

Being featured as a guest on someone’s Instagram account is of huge advantage to you in terms of increasing brand awareness, boosting your popularity on Instagram and reaching a whole new audience.

Consider approaching companies, brands or individuals who are similar to you and where you could add someone of relevant value to their followers.