Instagram Stories are exploding in the marketing and social media world, Mark Zuckerberg even hinted that he thinks the use of the Stories format will eventually overtake the traditional newsfeed format.

One in five Instagram Stories results in a direct message; this means potential clients are directly reaching out to your business as a result of your post.

If you’re already using Stories but not reaping the benefits, here is a guide to get more views on Instagram Stories.

Location tag

Adding a location tag to your Instagram Stories helps increase visibility, even more so if you end up being featured on Instagram’s Story Search.

KPS Digital Marketing reports five times more views on Instagram Stories when adding in a location. It’s a good idea to experiment with the types of location that work best for your audience.

The country or state might be too broad a reach and your Stories could get lost in the crowd.

The region or city might be better, depending on where your target audience is, how populated that area is and how big or small the region is.

Test out a variety of location tags and see which ones get the most views on Instagram Stories.


Boosting visibility helps get more views, so anything that makes your post more searchable is important.

As hashtags are one of the most popular ways users search Instagram, it’s essential to use them if you want to get more views on Instagram Stories.

The hashtag sticker used in Stories also helps you get featured on Instagram’s Story Search.

Use up to 10 hashtags but keep them relevant so as not to appear spammy or cluttered.

If you want to include multiple relevant hashtags but don’t want to clutter your post, here is a hot tip.

If there are any color blocks on your post, such as a person wearing a black shirt or a block color background, match that exact color and add the hashtag there.

It will be invisible to your audience but just as searchable as a visible hashtag.

Go Live

Not only does this create a feeling of urgency – ‘I need to watch this broadcast now before it disappears!’ – but users are alerted when you start a Live Video.

This is immediately bringing it to the attention of your potential viewers.

You can also enable replays of your live broadcast for 24 hours in Stories so it still appears in the Stories ‘bubble feed’ after the Live Video has ended.

Usage of a Live Video is still fairly low, so users aren’t being inundated by ‘Live’ alerts.

This means that they are more likely to click through and watch, so make the most of this while other brands are still figuring out a way to incorporate more Live Videos.

Mixed Media

Stories were designed for videos or boomerangs rather than still photos.

Using photos every so often is okay, but mostly a moving post is best.

If you are going to use a photo, consider adding in a funny caption because unlike in a video, viewers won’t have to concentrate as much on what’s going on so have time to read a caption.

If you turn it into a question or a poll even better because this will help boost engagement.

Add subtitles

85% of videos viewed on Facebook are watched in silence.

One can assume that this is probably also true of Instagram; so assuming the majority of your audience has the volume muted, you either need to add in subtitles or create attention-grabbing content which doesn’t require sound.

If you can make compelling content without the use of sound, you’re way ahead of the crowd.

Bonus content

If your Instagram account has an official, professional or formal feel to it, you can mix it up with Instagram Stories by posting more casual content like a goofy behind-the-scenes peek to show the real personalities behind your brand.

You can also post things irrelevant to your brand to demonstrate who you are as a person, like a hike you took at the weekend.

This is likely to help you get more views on Instagram Stories because it is giving viewers something different from your everyday content, and something more relatable which hopefully will entice them to increase engagement.

Timing is everything

Identify the ideal time for you to be posting on Instagram using Insights, and post your Story then.

Experiment with this a bit to find the exact optimum time.

After you’ve identified this, post your first Story and then continue to add to your Story every 30 minutes for six hours.

Make the first one a good one, because this is what will grab their attention and hopefully keep it.

Prepare all of the content in advance and save it to your gallery, set a reminder on your phone for every 30 minutes and post the Stories.

The reason for this is because it keeps bumping your Story to the first update on the Stories bubbles at the top, maximizing your visibility.

Tell a story

You can only post videos of up to 15 seconds on Instagram Stories.

However, using the CutStory app to chop up a longer video, you can add them individually to your Stories.

This enables you to tell your complete story in manageable chunks, and is a great hack to posting consistently.

There we have it, the most effective ways to get more views on Instagram Stories.

Make your Stories as searchable as they can be by using all the basic tools Instagram provides like hashtags and location tags.

Mix it up and try something new like a Live Video or funny boomerangs to show off your casual side, and further engage your audience.

Don’t rely on sound in your content, update your Stories frequently and in no time you’ll find your viewing numbers will be increasing so fast you won’t know what hit you.