Rumor has it that Instagram Shadowban is a new Instagram algorithm that changes the environment and growth strategy of your profile.

Many, on the other hand, believe that Instagram Shadowban is directed towards selected profiles, not allowing them to rank on hashtags.

This means that Shadowban limits the reach of your profile. This does not, however, suggest that you cannot list on the ‘Explore’ page.

Nevertheless, Instagram users have reported that they have lost activity on their account as well as that their pictures and videos do not gain likes and hashtags are not helping them out either.

The phrase ‘Instagram Shadowban’ has been thrown around the Internet quite frequently, which has encouraged people to investigate and discuss this alleged ban.

This has led to conclusions that the Instagram Shadowban is not a real thing, while others firmly believe that they are shadow-banned.

So, what is the truth? Here is a breakdown of what we know about this strange Instagram occurrence.

What is Instagram Shadowban?

Instagram Shadowban makes your hashtags undiscoverable for the new audience on the ‘Explore’ page or the Top Posts list.

This means that your images won’t show up in the hashtag feed of the people you don’t follow or the people who don’t follow you. Your pictures and hashtags will only appear to the people who follow you.

Why the Shadowban could exist?

The reason the Instagram Shadowban could be real lies in the consistency in the dramatic reduction of likes, comments, and views on accounts that usually attract a consistent number of new following and have steady account traffic.

They have reported that the only people they can interact with are the people who already follow them.

Another reason could be the fact that some Instagram users turn to bots, automated services and buying of followers to gain Instagram popularity in a short timeframe.

This puts regular Instagram profiles at risk, so to shadowban suspicious profiles that do not follow Instagram terms and conditions seems like a reasonable option.

The use of same hashtags for a more extended period could be yet another reason for a shadowban on Instagram.

To Instagram, same hashtags could appear as a scam; therefore, they might use shadowban to protect other Instagram users.

Also, the use of broken hashtags or going on a sudden ‘like and comment’ spree after a period of profile inactivity could explain why your profile got shadowbanned by Instagram.

Why the Shadowban couldn’t exist?

The main argument on why the Instagram shadowban might be a myth is the Instagram’s alleged transition to a new algorithm.

This new algorithm is said to serve an easier prediction of the type of content a user might like, follow or engage with.

As Instagram has given up on a single ‘Explore’ page, each Instagram user now receives a personalized ‘Explore’ page based on their activity on the platform.

This means that every now has different Top Posts hashtags.

A personalized ‘Explore’ page might be the reason Instagram users think they are being shadowbanned.

Since this new algorithm is still in development, it is safe to say that it will take some for people to get used to having a more personalized ‘Explore’ and Top Posts page and feed.

If Shadowban is not real, how to adapt to the new Instagram algorithm?

There is not much one can do now that the new Instagram algorithm closely observes your activity on the platform.

Instagram is, furthermore, identifying your engagement on the platform, things, and people you like and follow, and even whether your posts match the hashtags.

However, there is a silver lining in the story. Not only are you far from being shadowbanned, but the new followers and content you become exposed to are going to be created by actual humans, not some bots.

Instagram is also going to be more authentic and personalized, thanks to the new algorithm, which means that it is going to present your content according to your liking and preferences.

The only problem that now arises is the one regarding profile growth and a new audience.

Don’t worry, because there are few things you can do about this; firstly, you need to continue creating quality content, and then you need to ensure enough engagement on the platform and maximize the exposure of your profile. Creating quality content has never been easier though; various online services including buy assignment in Australia can help you come up with content worthy of the ‘follow’ button. To put it more simply, you now need actually to work on your profile. It is that simple.

Your profile can still get paused

Alongside ‘shadowbanning,’ Instagram users are also complaining about their profiles being paused all of a sudden.

They usually refer to this as a form of Instagram shadowban too.

This, however, has nothing to do with the alleged shadowbanning, but with the basic Instagram rules that people tend to neglect.

Here are some rules that you should know in case you assume your profile is shadowbanned;

  • The number of accounts you can follow on Instagram is 7,500.
  • The number of profiles you can follow on a daily basis is limited, according to the size of your account. If you try following more accounts than allowed, your profile might get paused.
  • If you use too many hashtags on a single image, your account might get disabled also; the number of hashtags you can use is 30.
  • If you engage in a spammy behavior, like using too many of the same hashtags for an extended period, or frequent following/unfollowing, be prepared for an account pause.


Instagram Shadowban is a myth.

Even the Instagram Business team has made an announcement addressing the issue of their users not being able to find content according to hashtag search.

They have also discussed the fact that the current Instagram algorithm is changing and that it will bring the Instagram user experience some novelties.

Therefore, the rumor about the so-called Instagram Shadowban is entirely false, and you should not worry about having your profile banned.

All you have to worry about now is creating quality content.