Instagram Insights is a tool that provides data on the content you’re posting, as well as demographics for your Instagram followers. The information you’ll be able to find comprises Impressions, Reach, Profile Views, Website Clicks and Follower Demographics. This information is vital in maintaining and growing your presence on Instagram, as well as using it as an effective marketing tool.

What is Instagram Insights?

  • Impressions: How many times your Instagram post has been seen in total
  • Reach: Unique impressions (if someone has seen your Instagram post 10 times, it counts as one unique impression)
  • Profile Views: How many visits to your whole Instagram gallery
    Website Click Throughs: How many people have clicked through from your Instagram posts to your website
  • Follower Demographics: What portion of your Instagram followers are men vs women, their location (top cities and countries), their age range and the days and times of when people are logging on and seeing your posts

Measure your posts performance

Insights also allows you to see how individual posts are performing, enabling you to compare which types of Instagram posts are more popular to your Instagram followers. To gain access to all this information, you’ll first need an Instagram business account and then Instagram will start compiling data for you once you’ve made the switch. There are three different ways to access the information. From your Instagram account page, the bar graph icon at the upper right-hand corner will take you there. Analytics for an individual post can be found on the post, by tapping View Insights at the bottom left corner. For an Instagram story, same thing, open the story at tap the bottom left corner.

You can also look at several Instagram posts together or your whole Instagram profile. You could, for example, look at all of your video posts together and see how they are performing in comparison to all of your photos, or all of your boomerangs. This will help discern what type of posts your Instagram followers prefer. You can also look at how many comments and likes certain posts are receiving, to see which posts are engaging your Instagram followers the most. Insights also provides information on the resulting actions of your posts, such as if a follower visited your Instagram profile as a result of a post, or clicked through to your website, or purchased something. You’ll also be able to discover where people are seeing your posts – on their feeds or are they discovering you from your mentions, location or hashtags?

Post When Your Instagram Followers Are Active

Now you know how to access the information, the most important aspect is how to use this to your advantage. The information on the day and times your Instagram followers are most active is vital information. When you post on Instagram makes all the difference in the world when it comes to gaining and keeping Instagram followers. You’ll need to be posting during the time of day your followers, and potential followers, are checking Instagram. This is the same for days of the week as well. If everyone is logging in on Saturday, but not Tuesday, don’t post on Tuesday and post extra on Saturday, especially during active times of the day. If you’re posting when nobody is on Instagram, yes it will still be visible, but your posts could potentially get lost and reach far fewer people.

Use Hasthtags to extend your reach

You’ll also extend your reach of viewers by using Instagram hashtags. This is critical to people seeing your posts. Instagram can only do searches based on your tags, they can’t search based on the content of your images, and therefore they can only share your posts with people based on your tags. If your post doesn’t have tags, it’s not been shared, and if it doesn’t have appropriate tags, it’s not been seen by the correct audience. Use Insights to find out or confirm who your target audience is and use appropriate tags. The tags should also accurately describe the content of your Instagram photo, so if people are looking for photos of a sunset, if your sunset photo is not tagged with the hashtag ‘#sunset’, they aren’t going to find it. Although general Instagram hashtags can be appealing to try and reach a bigger audience, using specific hashtags will reach people on Instagram who are going to care about your photo, not people who will see it but dismiss it.

Use Demographics to Understand Your Instagram Audience

Using the Instagram follower demographics is an important one because you might think you’re targeting 18-24 year-olds but in reality, your main audience is 25-34. Knowing this can help you tailor your Instagram posts, and hashtags, to this age group and help you grow as you’ll hopefully be attracting even more of this demographic by targeting them specifically. Or if your product is specifically for 18-24 year-olds from New York, but you’re attracting an audience of mainly 13-17 year-olds from Beijing, you know that you’re not reaching the correct people and you need to change your Instagram marketing strategy.

Instagram Insights is a wonderful (and free!) tool, and you don’t even have to leave the Instagram app to utilize it and reap the rewards. Once you start checking in on Insights, you’ll find yourself with a font of knowledge regarding who your audience on Instagram actually is, where they are from, when they are looking at your content, and what type of content they are enjoying. This information can prove invaluable in helping you create the perfect content to maximize engagement and visibility.