How are Influencers getting more Instagram followers? What’s their secret? Everyone starts at zero, so how do some Influencers become so popular so quickly?

While we don’t recommend using everything here as advice for your own account, here are a few different tactics that Influencers might have employed in order to quickly create a big following.

Some may start out buying followers, some go slow and steady with meaningful interactions, they post excellent content, and most likely use automation in some form.

High-quality Instagram Content

The number one priority when Influencers are starting out is to ensure the content they’re posting is high-quality, interesting and relevant.

No one is going to follow you if your posts aren’t worth looking at.

Influencers also pick a niche and focus all their posts around that theme, this allows you to target certain users more effectively instead of trying to appeal to everyone, because there are one billion active users and let’s face it, no one has one billion followers!

Meaningful Interactions

Successful Influencers will always engage with their audience.

Instagram is about authentic connections, and the reason brands are using Influencers in their marketing strategy is because when they recommend a product, users see it as if a friend has recommended it. And a friend would reply to your comments on Instagram.

Engaging with your followers by responding to comments will also encourage more people to interact with your content.

It can also ignite conversations and debates in the comments section, which is great because the more engagement you receive, the more visible your posts on Instagram will be.

Use of Instagram Hashtags and Insights

Influencers will always use hashtags on their posts because hashtags make your posts discoverable.

In order to get as many new followers as you can, you want as many relevant people as you can get to be seeing your posts.

Instagram Insights helps give more information about your target audience and so you can use this to focus your hashtag use to appeal to the relevant users.

It will also help you to determine when you should be posting your photos, assisting you when you program any scheduling automation for your account.

There are many ‘hacks’ Influencers are employing when they are trying to expand their Instagram following.

The main element of it all is interacting with your followers so that they engage with your content, this in turn will keep your account growing.

The key to this success is to find ways to maximize your efficiency and getting tasks done through automation so you can focus on great content and building organic connections with your audience.


Finding the time to respond to everyone can be a struggle, especially as there is so much else to do.

Automation can be an absolute lifesaver.

There are many ways to automate your Instagram account, some more preferable than others.

Influencers who opt to use automation to handle the bulk of the mundane tasks may do this so that they can focus on things that require an actual human, like commenting meaningfully on your own and others’ posts.

Using an automated service to schedule all your Instagram posts each week is a great way to be more efficient with your time, while not compromising on quality.

There are also automated services out there where you can program a bot to like certain types of posts and follow certain types of accounts.

These tools are marketed to help with time-saving, but most Influencers will put a cap on how many likes and follows the bot is permitted to do.

Instagram Pods

Some Influencers might often turn to using one or many ‘Instagram pods’ to get more followers. These are when a small group of Influencers form a private direct messaging group and messages when they add a new post. The other users will then like and comment on the post, in a bid to boost engagement and make the post more visible to existing and potential new followers.

Buying Instagram Followers

Some Influencers are reportedly buying followers.

Having said that, this is a tactic that is employed carefully and it’s likely that it will never be an Influencer’s sole method of gaining followers on Instagram.

Many use it as a way to kick-start their account when they first open it. Others use it to boost their account to another level.

The idea is that the more followers you have, the more users will notice your account and see you as worth following.

This is a tactic used to complement other ways of getting followers, as successful Influencers will always have more real than bought followers.

Anyone can tell this by merely scrolling down their list of followers – inactive and spam accounts obviously stick out.

The risk is that it could have a negative impact on any brand partnerships etc.