Not the perfect yoga pose, the perfect yoga post. Regardless of your niche, a lot of thought needs to go behind each post you make to Instagram. The setting, focal point, angle, filter etc. Here are the top five Instagram hacks to creating the perfect yoga post.

Hack #1 – Clear Your Background

Empty your background of all distractions or impurities. If, for example, you’ve positioned yourself in a meditative yoga pose in the middle of a serene garden, make sure there aren’t random people milling around in the background. This ruins the vibe you’re trying to create. This also goes for things like household outlets and random objects, clear the background of everything irrelevant to your post.

If part of your brand is having babies in the photo, imitating your yoga poses then, of course, keep them in. This hack only relates to irrelevant background people or things. As a rule of thumb, choose walls or backgrounds that don’t distract for you unless you are incorporating it on purpose.

Hack #2 – Keep It Graceful

While mastering complicated yoga positions might be your goal, keep your posts to ones you’ve already mastered. This way you can have them perfected beautifully, and you can avoid a painful grimace on your face. They should look like it’s just a natural position for your body to be in, and your face should be peaceful and natural.

A way around this is to post modifications to complex poses and document your progress. The key to this is to keep the posts to where you are comfortable and build up to the full pose to ensure you look natural and graceful.

Hack #3 – Basic Is OK

Remember it’s okay to post pictures of basic poses such as Warrior or Tree Pose. Many people forget these because they seem so easy, but plenty of Instagram users want to see how basic poses are supposed to look like when done properly. They can also be teamed with a stunning backdrop, like the ocean or sunset for a bigger impact.

Hack #4 – Take After Warm Up

The biggest mistake you can make is to go straight into your pose and snap a picture. At the very least warm up first, but for the best effect, take your Insta-worthy shot after a full yoga session. You’ll be at your most limber so the poses will come off looking much better than if your muscles weren’t warmed up. It’s also likely your facial expression will be much more peaceful, creating the vibe you’re probably aiming for with your yoga account.

Hack #5 – Be Symmetrical

Our brains are naturally wired to find symmetrical images more pleasing than when things are not aligned. For example, in everyday life, the people with more symmetrical faces are deemed ‘more beautiful’ than others.

There are a few ways to ensure symmetry in your Instagram photos. First off, make sure your photos are straight and not crooked. If you have an amazing photo but it’s crooked, use the Instagram editing tool ‘adjust’ and it will straighten it. Next, look at anything in the background that could throw off the symmetry – lines or patterns on walls or furniture etc. Try to align yourself with the patterns for a more symmetrical look.

These five hacks should give you some simple ways to quickly improve the quality of yoga photos you are posting on Instagram. This will help you get more engagement on Instagram and in turn, get more followers.