Fitness, well-being and healthy lifestyle accounts are all over Instagram. The social media giant is a great platform for inspiring the masses to start exercising, but in order to inspire people, you need inspiration photos. Action or sports photos aren’t the easiest to take unless you’re a trained professional, but don’t lose hope because with the help of these hacks and a few editing apps, you can take excellent motivational running photos for Instagram.

There are many ways to take a running selfie – using a timer, a selfie stick and remote or relying on someone else. Here are five hacks that should help you out in perfecting the art of a running selfie.

Hack #1 – Bound Like Bambi

Do you know those awesome jumping photos where everyone looks like they are 10 feet off the ground? Well, no one jumps like that in real life. In the photo, everyone is throwing their legs up behind them in order to create more space between them and the ground to make them look higher.

The same goes for running. If you run normally and take a photo of it, it’s not particularly inspirational. You’ll probably have both feet on the ground and you may or may not look like you’re running. If you start lengthening your stride and ‘bounding’ a little, it’ll look more like running in a photo. While it looks a tad silly in a video, it works wonders for a photo.

Hack #2 – Freeze Frame

Set up your camera to take a video of you or your subject running. Once you’ve captured a good video of the run, use the app Vid Trim or InstaGrabber. It enables you to look through the video frame by frame and save the ones you like as photos. This is a great way to capture the best running shot, especially if you are ‘bounding’. It also avoids having to use a timer or rely on someone else to get the photo you want.

Hack #3 – Location, Location, Location

One of the best ways to motivate and inspire people to run is to post pictures of yourself running through dramatic landscapes, along beautiful beaches or exploring a new city. Running photos to the backdrop of an aspirational location can make all the difference.

Hack #4 – Run Over Your Phone

Not with a car or anything, but literally, run over your phone. Placing your phone on the ground, or with something to prop it up to tilt it at an angle, can add a really interesting angle to your photos. It mixes it up from the usual behind, in front, or profile running posts on Instagram. You should capture some of the surrounding for your run, as well as the bottoms of your shoes and the idea of you running off into the distance. It’s to be expected this one will take a few attempts to perfect and could be a good one to freeze frame.

Hack #5 – Find A Tree

Finding interesting angles can really break up the monotony of a running feed. One way to achieve a unique angle is to tie your camera up in a tree. A Splat tripod can be wrapped around the branches and give a great bird’s eye angle of your run. The flip side is to prop your camera up against the bottom of a tree to catch you running from an upward angle. Point it in the direction you’re running and capture yourself running away, this angle has the added bonus of making your legs look longer.

These five hacks will help improve your running photos immensely. It’s important to mix up your feed to keep your followers interested, and interested followers equals higher engagement. Once your posts are receiving more likes and comments, you’ll find it only escalates because the posts will be bumped higher up on feeds and start to appear in your followers’ followers’ Explore page and help grow your Instagram account.