Instagram is a powerful marketing tool for brands and businesses. It offers so many different avenues for marketing and promotion, including product previews, launches and even just a re-introducing existing products through posts like how-to tutorials. Knowing how to create these posts to make them appealing is the key here. Posting any old photo or video of a product you have in stock won’t cut it. Here are five hacks to creating the perfect posts of your products.

Hack #1 – Basic Background

A simple way to create an expensive and professional looking background is to buy a foam board at your local craft store. Thick craft paper will also work in a pinch. A neutral color like white or gray is generally your best bet.

This hack is perfect for those ‘classic’ product shots where you are showcasing the product in a high-quality manner, in the way you’d present it in a lookbook. The white space in the background will really put the focus on your product, in a way that wouldn’t happen if you had a busy background. It also makes the product look seamless because the background is so clean and pure.

Hack #2 – Caption A Story

The captions can be used to your advantage in product posts. When posting a classic product photo, as mentioned above, one option would be to use the caption to tell the story behind the product. This could include the inspiration behind the product, or why it was added to the product selection, anything that will spike the interest of your audience enough to make them want to buy it.

The caption can also be used to explain the production process behind a certain product, the mastermind behind the product or different ways to use the product.

Hack #3 – Recognize Lifestyle Vs. Styled

It’s vital to know the difference between these two types of products photos. A lifestyle shot is when you take a photo of the product being used in a natural setting in the way it would be used in everyday life. A styled shot is where the product looks a little too perfect, and there are intentionally placed props accessorizing the product.

Having a combination of both styled and lifestyle product photos on your feed will help you keep your audience interested and get more likes and followers on Instagram. Lifestyle photos are more relatable and so are likely to get more engagement, but styled photos have the capacity to show off the products features more clearly.

Hack #4 – Consistency

When it comes to product photos, consistency will boost credibility. If you are editing and adding different filters each time, your product will look different with each post. This essentially equates to your audience feeling deceived, like they don’t know what your product actually looks like and will be less likely to buy it because they don’t know what they are actually going to get.

Pick the color tones you want, and make sure they don’t change the real look of your product, and stick to these throughout your posts.

Hack #5 – No To Zoom, Yes To Crop

To ensure high-quality images, avoid using the zoom or shooting in square format. Simply get closer to the star of your photo, shoot in portrait or landscape and crop to the square format later. Zooming will make your photos grainy, and avoiding the square format during shooting allows you to be more creative with your angles while cropping later.

Following these five hacks should quickly improve the posts of your products on Instagram. Adding higher quality posts to your feed should encourage higher engagement, which will lead to higher visibility, more followers and hopefully higher product sales.