The art of the selfie can be a tricky one to master, but a necessary skill if you run an Outfit of the Day Instagram account. Instagram fashionistas practically invented the mirror selfie, but it’s important to stay on top of your selfie game if your account focuses on sharing your outfits each day. Here are a few hacks to quickly up your selfie game and show off your outfits.

Hack #1 – Natural Light

Artificial light found in dressing rooms can be unflattering and so bear this in mind when snapping that selfie. If you want to show off what you’re wearing, head outside and let the sun do the hard work for you.

Hack #2 – Mirror Selfies

Mirror selfies give you full control of the photo because you can keep going until you’re satisfied, not until your husband/friend/coworker gets bored. They also help build a feeling of authenticity because users can plainly see it’s you taking the photo and not a whole camera crew so they feel like they know how you really look. Once people feel like they can relate to you, they’ll like you more and probably follow you.

Hack #3 – Take It From The Top

Granted, different angles work for different people, but for the most part, using an angle from up high will be flattering. Holding the camera below, pointing up will be the most unflattering angle. Some people like to hold the phone with two hands and take a straight on shot, though this will only squeeze in your top half. Play around and see which looks the best on you.

Hack #4 – Invest In A Selfie Stick

It’s much easier to get a better photo from further away, and this is made possible with the use of a selfie stick. It’s more flattering as your face isn’t quite so up close and personal with the camera, and you’ll be able to show off more of your outfit.

Hack #5 – #NoFilter

The whole point of an Outfit of the Day post is that you’re showing your followers what an outfit looks like on a real person. If you start going overboard on filters, it’ll change what the outfit actually looks like and you’ll find you lose your authenticity. Adjusting the lighting and other small editing tweaks are fine, just watch you’re not changing the colors of your outfit with any editing or filters.

These tricks should quickly help you to improve your selfie game and help your Outfit of the Day posts stand out from the thousands of girls posting within the same niche. Having high-quality posts on Instagram is one of the best ways to be successful and grow your followers. However, this won’t amount to much if you don’t engage with other users, respond to comments on your posts or use the right hashtags. It’s great to use the well-known #outfitoftheday #ootd so long as you’re also including ones that are used less frequently too, to boost your visibility. Don’t forget to tag the brands in your posts as well, this will let your follower’s know where they can get their hands on your outfit picks and also open the door to any brand partnerships.