You already have a successful business and are looking for ways to continue growing it, someone suggested launching it on social media and here you are, creating an Instagram account with no idea how to go about with the launch.

Instagram can be a very lucrative marketing tool for businesses, and if your business is already established, you can find yourself easily getting the first few thousand followers without much effort. With these five hacks, you can quickly and painlessly introduce your business on Instagram.

Hack #1 – Spread The Word

You already have fans, customers or clients and want to use Instagram to widen your reach further. Start with your existing client base and marketing to increase your number of followers. Add your Instagram handle to everything – business cards, email signatures, store/office signage, websites etc. This is an easy way to get your first followers. Once your initial followers start engaging with your content, your posts will appear in their follower’s Explore page, and this is how you start broadening your reach.

Hack #2 – Switch Business Account

Once you’ve established yourself and your business, switch to an actual business account on Instagram as this gives you more opportunities for smart marketing. Things like Instagram Analytics, so you can get demographic information and other statistics right there in the Instagram app.

Hack #3 – Clickable Links

Always have a clickable link in your profile. It can either be set to the homepage or can be changed to reflect the latest content on your website. This will help boost traffic to your business’s website. A business account with over 10,000 followers can also add in clickable links to Stories, which gives more opportunities to drive potential customers to your website.

Hack #4 – Use Your Brand Logo

Your profile picture should ideally be your brand’s logo. This will ensure people who already know your brand will recognize it and want to follow you when they see it, instead of scrolling past. It will also allow people new to your business to start recognizing it the more often they see it, thus creating brand awareness.

Hack #5 – Create Content In Advance

Before you launch your account, take some time to create a series of Instagram posts. This will allow you to find your brand’s social media vibe and help you stay consistent in the colors and tone of your posts. It also means you won’t get overwhelmed trying to think up new content every day, you can consistently post high-quality content without stressing over it and without it taking up all of your time. Posting consistently is important when building up followers, one of the worst mistakes you can make is to post one day and then forget for two weeks.

Hopefully, these five hacks will help you in launching your business onto Instagram. The social media outlet is a valuable marketing tool, helping you broaden your reach and appeal to new audiences. Tap into your existing fanbase to start, and once they engage with your content you’ll soon be able to reach all of their followers and add them to your clientele list.